Saturday, June 1, 1985

Bhagavan inaugurated the first National Seminar Cum Workshop on Education in Human Values in Poornachandra Auditorium on 1st June 1985. This was the first time nearly 3,000 Primary school teachers from all over India and high-level education officers from State Government and Municipal Corporations participated in a seminar held by the Sai Organisations. The programme commenced after Bhagavan lit the lamp. Smt. Maniamma, Convenor of the Sri Sathya Sai Education in Human Values Trust, welcomed Bhagavan and the gathering. Sri C. Srinivas, Former Warden of the Brindavan Campus, gave a speech. Sri Indulal Shah, Chairman, World Council, Sri Sathya Sai Organisations, spoke on the scope and purpose of the National Seminar.

Bhagavan in His Discourse urged the teachers to infuse human values even in academic subjects. He said: 

The subjects that you teach at school may be different but, through everyone, you can emphasise human values. The human body is a vastly busy, well organised chemical laboratory. Every limb is activated by Rasa.When you hit the table, the table too hits you with equal force. Learn from this that every action has to meet with reaction. While teaching mathematics, you can explain the role of plus and minus as affecting, even in life, the fate of man. In arithmetic three minus one is two. But in the mathematics of the spirit, three minus one is one. God mirrored in Nature is seen as the Image, Man. There are three entities here, but remove the mirror and what remains is not two but only One, the One God.And, above all, be. always aware of the two meanings of the Sanskrit word for man Manava. Ma means 'not' and 'Nava' means 'new.' Man is not new. He has come trailing the impact of countless lives. Ma (Ignorance), Na (without), Va (acting). Man should act with full Jnana (wisdom),with no trace of ignorance. Model your lives on the lines of these two meanings and be blessed.

Dr. Saraf, Advisor to the Planning Commission, and Dr. Art Ong Jumsai, a leading scientist from Thailand, spoke about the practice of human values in life. The historic seminar concluded with the Valedictory Message of Bhagavan and the National Anthem.

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