Sri Sathya Sai: Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent - By P.S. Priya Chakravarthy

It was during Dasera in 1995, just after my B.Sc. (Honours) Course, in the Brindavan campus of SSSIHL. All the Brindavan boys who stayed back for the vacation were accommodated in the old Hostel located near the Mandir. As usual, the students used to rush inside the Mandir and were often selective about their sitting locations. I used to have a particular seat where I sat for Swami’s Darshan. May be it was my perception, but Swami appeared to avoid looking in the direction where I used to sit.

One day during Darshan, observing my vacant seat, Swami enquired about my absence from my brother (Vamsi, MBA 1995-97) and asked him where I was. My brother was perplexed and he feared that I was absconding from Darshan with no valid reason. Once the Darshan got over and Swami went inside the interview room with a few devotees, my brother immediately rushed to the old Hostel where I was sleeping. He approached me with anger but seeing me, his anger melted down. He saw me in lot of pain and my face wet with sweat. I was finding it difficult to even sit down on my bed. I was struggling with excruciating pain at the right lower side, but I had not mentioned about this to anyone.

He immediately went back to the Mandir and Swami again approached him and asked him as to where Chakravarthy was. My brother promptly replied that I was in agony and was experiencing unbearable pain. This shows the Omnipresence of Swami. Bhagawan exhibits His Love for all His beings where ever they are, immaterial of whether they are present physically in front of Him or not.  

Swami smiled at him and immediately calling a doctor, told him to take me to the Super Specialty Hospital. He also directed my brother to accompany me. I was transported to the Hospital and was given medical attention. In the evening Swami again called my brother and the doctor, materialised Vibhuti and gave money to buy tender coconuts to be given to me with instructions that the Vibhuti should be applied externally at the place where the pain occurred. It reached me by evening. This act of Grace repeated for 3 days (Swami materialising Vibhuti, giving money to buy tender coconuts to be given to me)!  The third day, Swami instructed that the Vibhuti should be taken with water. 

Then came the D-day, when the senior surgeon recommended that I should be operated upon immediately. I was in a dilemma and could not accept the fact that I was suffering from appendicitis. But the situation demanded surgery and I had no choice. Prior to my operation, I wanted to have Swami’s Darshan and possibly, a chance to talk to Him about my operation (shows my ignorance!). I was permitted for Darshan and was sitting in the front line, mainly to catch the attention of Swami. As usual Swami was busy and He was distributing Prasadam. I was not making any attempt to talk to Him as He was very busy, but the doctor on the verandah began insisting that I should take a chance to talk to Swami. Then, by Swami’s Sankalpa I got a chance to talk to Him. I told Swami, “The doctor says I need to be operated; I need your Grace and Blessings”. Swami gave a stern look and He moved away from me without saying a single word. This gave me a shiver that chilled my bones! I was baffled and scared. 

My operation was scheduled for the next morning and the doctor administered some medicines. He advised his team to do an initial scan on me to get more clarity about my ailment. But lo and behold! When the reports of the scan arrived, the protrusion of the appendix was literally not visible! The team wrestled with the machine but it always showed a negative report for the protrusion. I was brought back to my ward. The senior doctor was astonished, but was ready to accept this as an instance of the Omnipotence of Swami. I was discharged in a day and I went for Darshan. This time Swami gave me a smile and moved on silently! 

This is just one of the many incidents showing His Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience. I still fondly remember the Diwali in the year 1993. Swami was gracious in calling our whole family for an interview. During the interview, Swami was pouring His love on all of us. He called my eldest brother and showing His palm, asked him what was there in it. My eldest brother Srikanth was taken aback and he replied, “Swami there are lines on your palms”. To this, Swami smiled and replied that there were not just lines but that His tiny palms contained the whole world! It was a great revelation and it thrilled all of us.

Swami then began describing and revealing all that had happened to us in our lives – things that had never been shared even within the family members. Swami described how He helped my mother when her sari caught fire in the prayer room when she was immersed in her worship. He also mentioned taking care of her when she was admitted in a hospital for a paralytic stroke. Swami was sitting next to her in the interview room and He assured her that He was always with her everywhere though He was physically in Parthi. (Incidentally, my mother had discussed with my father on that day that she had an experience of someone touching her head in the ward at night and my father had replied that it might have been a nurse.) 

This incident was also discussed by Swami in our family interview. Swami revealed that He was the one who comforted my mother by caressing her head. Swami then materialised a small golden Ganesha idol and gave it to my mother. He told her that she should do Abhishekam to it everyday and drink the holy water. That would rid her of all ailments. 

In the interview, Swami mentioned that it is not necessary for housewives to go to work outside, so as to feel responsible. They can always serve their family, which in itself is a great service. Swami added that even while making chapattis, one can think of God. Mixing the dough could be thought of as mixing of the Lord’s Love and our Shraddha. Flattening it with a rolling stick could be thought of as broadening the mind and frying it on the pan meant burning away hatred and the other vices. Serving the chapatti meant giving one’s love to all. This interview was followed by many more. Each interview and each conversation with Him revealed His Divine Selfless Love and His Divinity. 

I know that I will never be able to pay off the debt that I owe to Him. But I also know that He expects me to just love Him and live for Him and that is my only prayer to Him today – that I love Him and live for Him.

P.S. Priya Chakravarthi
Student (1996-1998) Department of Management Studies
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus

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