When the Sanathana Sarathi Magazine was launched by Sri Sathya Sai

Sunday, February 16, 1958

On Mahashivaratri, the 16th February 1958, Swami hoisted the Prashanti flag and released the first issue of ‘Sanathana Sarathi’, the spiritual monthly that carries Swami’s message to thousands of yearning devotees across the country.

Sri Sathya Sai: The Patron, Inspiration and Chief Contributor to the
Sanathana Sarathi Magazine

Emphasising on the unique role of Sanathana Sarathi in the Avataric Mission, Prof. Kasturi writes:

Lord Krishna, the sacred texts say, agreed in His mercy to be the charioteer, the inner motivator for the duration of the Kurukshetra Battle. Arjuna was caught in the coils of attachment just when duty called him to action. "My limbs droop down; my tongue dries up. The bow slips from my hold; I am unable to stand; my brain is in a swirl." He wept. Krishna rebuked him for being overcome by weakness, unmanly. Arjuna's discrimination was overpowered by grief and delusion, pride and ignorance, a sense of I and mine. Krishna removed the veil and taught him the secret of successful living, the Yoga of surrender, of non-attachment. 

It is significant that Baba named the monthly magazine of Prashanthi Nilayam "Sanathana Sarathi" meaning the "eternal charioteer." As Krishna came, Baba also has come, to rid man of grief and delusion, pride and ignorance, and to re-establish justice in the world. The word "Sarathi" is an assurance from Baba that He will guide the seeker if only he takes the initial step of inviting Him to take over the reins of his life. The word "Sanathana" is a reminder that this has been the role of Baba since the dawn of creation. 

Baba's writings are from His simply and directly spoken Telugu. When one reads His articles, he can picture Baba speaking in His intimate and inspiring way. With questions between His statements, He prods a reader or listener to think for himself by injecting questions on the problems He unravels. By the use of occasional endearments such as "Child", "My dear man", "My precious", "Dear fellow", He draws Himself close to the seeker in order to instruct him in the art of Godward pilgrimage. 

Baba has written, "How dejected will the farmer be if the seeds he has sown do not sprout, grow and yield a harvest! So too, if the seeds of the Words of Truth that I sow, do not sprout in your hearts and grow into fine saplings and trees yielding fruit, I am also not happy. That harvest of bliss is My sustenance, My food. This is the only adoration I need. There is nothing higher than this. By not casting away these good words and truth written for your sake, if you put them into practice and experience joy therefrom, that joy is the food on which I sustain Myself. If you thus act according to My words, and put them into daily practice, I will gladly tell you more and more, for that is the reason why I have come." 

Baba has often said that He demonstrates His Divinity through miracles only to instill the faith necessary for men to listen to Him and follow His suggestions for their own spiritual realization. He declares that it is everyone's right to know this message from Him. Thus anyone may approach Him without fear or hesitation. His eagerness to remove all doubts lurking in the minds of the people who seek guidance from Him, His readiness to grant them as many interviews as necessary to discuss specific personal problems of the spiritual pilgrimage, are evidence of His Grace and Mercy. 

Revealed in "Sanathana Sarathi" are the power, wisdom, and grace of Baba. He warns against neglecting the pennies in one's search for the dollars and pounds, and cautions, "Be vigilant about the small things; the myriad little things that you indulge in every moment harden into habits and warp character and personality. They shape your intelligence, outlook, ideals, and aspirations. Challenge your evil propensities even before they enslave you. If you make a sincere effort, you will certainly succeed. 

Source: Sri Sathya Sai Digvijayam (1926-1985) and Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Volume 1




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