When Sri Sathya Sai materialized a mystical plate for the Meditation Tree

Wednesday, April 01, 1959

Once, while on the sands of the Chitravati, Swami spoke of Buddha, the Bodhi tree, and of Sadhakas seeking out special places for their Sadhana. Even as He spoke, He drew out of the sands a thick copper plate about 15 inches by 10 inches in dimension, containing mystic markings and letters of languages both known and unknown. He said that such Sasanas were planted under the trees where Sadhakas (spiritual aspirants) went to perform their Sadhana. These Sasanas enhanced concentration of the mind and control of the senses. He announced that He would be placing that Sasana under a Banyan tree He proposes to plant in the Tapovanam on the hill behind Prashanti Mandir. Swami declared that Yogis who had reached a certain stage of evolution would automatically be drawn to the Tree and the Sasana in this Tapovanam. The congregation of such evolved souls at this Tapovanam would thus justify its name. 

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