“The Speaker of the Indian Parliament came to see Me…”

November 2, 1998

Swami was taking letters from students and reading them out. In one such letter…

Swami        : Dearest… Dear-rest. (In another letter Swami noticed a figure of a heart) Heart should be inside, not on this. (To Brindavan Warden) Nowadays, boys are leading an artificial life. Yemi Samacharam? (What is the news?)

Warden       : Swami, Brindavan students are having classes in the afternoon.

Swami        : Where are the Prashanti Nilayam boys? They went off to classes.
(To a student) Are you all Bangalore boys?

Student       : Yes, Swami.

Swami        : Go to Bangalore.

Student      : Swami, parents have come.

Swami        : (Jokingly) You have become mental. There is one more boy also. (Swami called       that boy) Both of you go to mental hospital for some days!
Swami went towards the interview room. After interviews…
G.M.C. Balayogi, Lok Sabha Speaker (1998-2002)
Swami        : Balayogi, the Parliament Speaker came. He went to Russia. In Russia, there are  many Sai centres. There, he attended one of the Sai Conferences. They told him, “God is in India.”  They also gave the address as, Prashanti Nilayam, Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh. As soon as he returned from Russia, he directly came here. Four of our old boys also came. They are the 1st batch students of our College. They are now MLAs. They want to build a bridge across Chitravati. It will be a shortcut to Kadiri. They were seeking My permission. I told them that I would give permission under one condition that they should not indulge in   corruption. They should not ask anybody for donation. If they want money let them ask Me, I will give. You are Sai students. Sai students do not ask anybody for donation. Sai students are not beggars. You are bigger.
(To a student) Santhanam. (Means children) How many children do you have? (A student laughed aloud. Swami imitated his laughter and everyone laughed.) Tamasha in laughing also.

Student         : Swami, we are Your lions.

Swami          : (Pointing to the bronze lion statues) These lions?

Student         : No Swami, Your lions.

Swami          : I don’t want lions. (To a visiting Professor) How are you?

Prof          : Swami, My son is being operated upon. You should save him. He has sent a letter.

Swami          : What are you going to do after retirement?

Prof          : Swami, I want to serve You.

Swami          : I don’t want any service. Do work in our Institute. Which subject?

Prof          : Swami, Physics.

Swami          : Everything is Physics. This floor, that book, that pillow. What is matter? Matter gets converted into energy and energy into matter. Where do you work?

Prof          : Benaras, Swami.

Swami          : What is the meaning of Benaras? Kashi. (To a student) Is it your birthday    today?

Student         : Swami, 31st.

Swami          : How old are you?

Student          : Swami, 19 years.

Swami           : 90 years! Tamasha… (Joke) What is the meaning of Lord?

Student         : Swami, ‘who is everything’.

Swami          : No. Lord means Master. Like landlord…
Student         : Swami, like Lord of our life.

Swami           : No. Lord is like landlord. It just means master. (To another student) Yemi         Samacharam (What is the news?) When is your brother coming?

Student           : Swami, he is coming this evening.

Swami            : College has reopened. Why has he not come yet?

Student           : Swami, he did not get ticket.

Swami            : If you pay, you will get ticket. You are telling lies. Something else is there.
             (To a devotee) When are you going?

Devotee            : Tomorrow.

Swami             : Two Maaro (Literally meaning - Hit twice)!! Do you come from Russia?

Devotee            : Yes, Swami

Swami             : Where is your wife? (He pointed towards ladies side.) Not wife. Friend. (To students)  Russian marriage. (To a Student) You also go to Russia.

Student            : Swami, India Hee Achha Hai (India is good).

Source: Students with Sai: Conversations (1991-2000)

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