A Special Lingam for my Grandfather from Sri Sathya Sai... – By K. Sai Kiran

Each and every individual who comes to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has something special to tell everyone. Often our words cannot aptly express what we feel; often an intense experience is often intensely inexpressible experience. Swami has always stood by me in all my difficulties. I would like to describe an experience that will always be cherished in my mind. 

Since birth I have been suffering from Asthma. There were times when I use to suffer most terribly. Life used to become horrible at such times. I shudder when I think of those attacks now. On one such occasion when I got a bad attack, my parents became really worried. I was coughing and throwing out a lot of phlegm. My mother was so worried, that she began crying. The doctor was called, but nothing happened even after he gave injections quite few times. He too was puzzled. 

Swami was in Brindavan at this time. My mother requested to my grandfather to ask Swami for some ‘Prasadam’. My grandfather did as he was asked, and I was called into Swami’s interview room. He saw me, He smiled and said, “Poor little fellow, you have been suffering badly, it is not? Do not worry.” He said this in Telugu. I was so very happy that I forgot where I was. He went into a room and got me Vibhuti packets. He blessed me and told that everything would be fine. Sure enough, this problem of mine was solved a bit too fast for everyone to realize the same! We all talk, but do not realize the omnipresence of Swami. Here is a small but very significant incident to show us that He exists everywhere. 

My grandmother, who had been ill due to ulcer in the stomach, was admitted in the hospital. She kept on vomiting blood. She was sinking gradually. On the fourth day of her illness, we all began doing Bhajans in the hospital room. Next morning she passed away. We were all shocked and sad at the same time. After four or five days we were all called into the interview room of Brindavan. Swami immediately told us that our grandmother died in peace and that it was proper on our part to do Bhajans in the Hospital room! This gave the great soul a lot of peace. Swami created many things for many people even though we do not see these miracles always taking place. 

I shall describe an incident where Swami materialized a Lingam for my maternal grandmother. This was done in the interview with the Lord in the early 60’s. He materialized a small lingam which was greyish–green in colour and had many circles, brown in colour going around it. It was beautifully oval shaped face, smooth Lingam. If one adjusts the Lingam in a particular angle, we can see Swami’s face. My grandfather though thrilled wanted to wear this beauty around his neck. He expressed his wish to Swami. Swami took it’s once again and blew on the two sides of the Lingam. He gave it back to my grandfather who was surprised to see a neat hole passing through the Lingam. I was thrilled. 

- K. Sai Kiran
Alumnus, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus 

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