Universal Love of Sri Sathya Sai – By Dr. N. Niranjan

The Lord’s love is infinite, pure and eternal. It is unfathomable and much beyond the realms of human mind and intellect. This is the experience of all those who come to The Lotus Feet of Bhagavan. But at times its natural and spontaneous expression is for all to see and enjoy. I too was a witness to one such event.

It was a beautiful evening and we were enjoying the Darshan of the Lord, which is so very precious to all of us. Showering bliss on all, He gracefully walked towards the students - ¬one hand holding a bunch of letters and the other moving mysteriously in the air.

He walked among the boys, taking letters from a few. He then started walking towards the interview room. But while climbing the steps to the second block, He suddenly stopped. Something seemed to have caught His attention. The atmosphere suddenly became charged with anticipation. Everybody was anxious for His next move wondering why the Lord has stopped and what would happen next. He went straight towards the plants kept in the flowerpots near the statue of Lord Ganesha between the two lions.

We then saw that there was a beautiful butterfly on one of the leaves of the plant. The Lord was moving slowly, taking small steps. There was perfect silence everywhere, all eyes glued on the Lord. He went near the butterfly, and contrary to our expectation, it did not even move. He went very close and with His fingers started caressing the wings of the butterfly! There was a hushed glee among the devotees. The butterfly was simply enjoying the Divine love having forgotten even the natural fear of getting hurt or caught!

It was a miracle of love and the smiles on every face were expressing it abundantly. The Lord playfully responded by looking up to us with a broad smile as if saying, “See, true love knows no fear.” We were considering ourselves fortunate to be a witness to this play of love between the Creator and His creation. After caressing the butterfly a couple of times the Lord gave it a gentle push as if commanding it to fly. It took to its wings slowly as if reluctant to leave the Divine presence.

When infinite Love approaches anyone or anything, the response is for all to enjoy and also to learn from. To see how even insects, which we normally presume to be driven only by instincts, respond to the pure love of Bhagavan opened my eyes to a new realm of reality. “They too have feelings,” I thought. They too respond to love, which we usually refuse to most except to those who love us. “How universal and all encompassing is the Love of Bhagavan!” I thought. It was a lesson learnt for life.
We cannot attempt to understand Bhagavan with our limited intellects. But taking each action of Bhagavan as a lesson for our lives, we can surely redeem our lives, so that it is fit to be an offering at His Lotus Feet.

Yes. There is only one language - The language of The Heart filled with love for all. Thank You Bhagavan for teaching such subtle lessons in such a beautiful way. Let us be ever anxious to learn every lesson taught to us - directly or symbolically.

Dr. N. Niranjan

Student and Research Scholar (1997-2004), 
Department of Management and Commerce

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

Currently, Warden, Sri Sathya Sai Hostel

Prasanthi Nilayam

Source: Sai Nandana 2000 (75th Birthday Offering)

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