“I will get you married!”

January 27, 1997

The X and XII class students went for morning Darshan and occupied the first and third blocks.  At around 7 am. Swami came out to give Darshan. After Darshan, He came towards the 3rd block and asked the students…

Swami     : X  class or XII  class?  Why did you all come?

Students      : Swami, morning Darshan. (To one student) Lazy, not studying well.  Work hard, study well. (In general) Study…Study… Public examination. Don’t get books simply. For X standard, no holiday!

Swami proceeded further and stopped in front of another student.

Swami     : Which class?

Student     : XII   class, Swami.

Swami     : Do some exercise.

Student     : Yes, Swami.

After interview, Swami brought some stickers in His hand and gave it to one of the XII class students to distribute.

Swami     : Tell them to stick on their books.

Student     : Swami, one sticker per student or a full sheet itself?

Swami     : Full sheet each.

Later on when Swami asked whether everyone got the stickers, some replied that they did not.

Swami     : (Jokingly) That student would have taken all for himself!

Around 8.15 am Swami gave Padanamaskar to a devotee who was sitting in middle portico.

Swami     : Where are you from?

Devotee     : Guatemala (But he pronounced it as Gotemala)

Swami     : (To a student sitting close by) What is the spelling?

The student was unable to answer.

Devotee     : (To the student) Gotemala.

Swami     : Not Gotemala, Guatemala.

During Darshan time…

Swami      : All students, lazy students, exercise Nahi Karta Hai. (You all are not exercising.) Stomach bulging like a question mark. Young students…  Aisa Hota Hai Kya? (Should young students be like this?)

In the portico, Swami spoke to a student who was recovering from an ailment…

Swami     : How many pounds have you increased?

Student     : 3 kgs, Swami.

Swami     : What is your blood sugar level?

Student     : Swami, I am not checking.

Swami     : What symptoms do you observe when the blood sugar level increases?

Student     : Swami, giddiness.

Swami     : No, not giddiness!

Student     : Weakness, Swami.

Swami     : Knee pains, excessive hunger. Do you feel more hunger now?

Student     : No, Swami.

Then the student started praying Swami to guide him about his further studies.

Student     : Swami, Which group shall I take in 11th class?

Swami     : Marriage? I will get you married! (Jokingly)

Student     : No Swami, 11th class… group.

Swami     : German group?

Student     : No Swami, 11th class group.

Swami     : Oh! You want Japanese girl? I will get you married. (Jokingly)

After this Swami started talking to Sri V.K.Narasimhan (VKN) [Editor of Sanathana Sarathi magazine, renowned journalist and former Editor of the Indian Express]

Swami     : You cannot hear properly.

V.K.N.     : Swami! (He could not hear what Swami had said)

Swami     : (Loudly) You cannot hear properly.

V.K.N     : Yes Swami, due to old age.

Swami     : What old age? As you grow more and more old, your senses should be more alert.

V.K.N     : How is that possible Swami?

Swami     : As the fruit ripens more and more, the seed becomes harder. People say that they don’t remember properly as they grow old. But they remember about their marriage day! (Jokingly)

Swami looked at Sri Narasimhan mischievously and said…

Swami     : Narasimhan, when was your marriage performed?

V.K.N     : Swami, in 1930. 67 years back. Swami, marriage is an important event in one’s life.

Swami smiled and went into the interview room.
Source: Students with Sai: Conversations (1991-2000)



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