August 30, 1998

Swami: (Turning towards Primary School students…) Who plays cricket?

Student: Swami, I play.

Swami: Who is the captain? (The boy mentioned a name) How many sticks are used?

Student: Three stumps, Swami.

Swami: Oh! Three stumps. I did not know that (Smiling). (To another student) How many players are there in each team?

Student: Swami, 16.

Swami: (To Institute students) Is it 16?

Students: 11, Swami.

Swami: (To Primary School students) You told 16!

Student: Swami in our school each team has 16 players.

Swami: (To a student) Are you a dancer?

Student: Yes, Swami.

Swami: You used to dance in Brindavan. Now if you dance, it will be like a camel dancing!

Student: Swami, talk to us.

Swami: I am talking.

Student: Please come to the Institute.

Swami: (Proceeding back…) Oh! I should go.

Students: Please Swami.

Swami: (To a student) Where do you come from?

Student: Swami, from Madras.

Swami: Chennai. How did it get that name?

Student: Swami, I don’t know.

Swami: Chhi! You don’t even know about your place. There was a man by name Chennappa. People used to call his place Chennappapalli and later, it became Chennai. How did Bangalore get its name? It was a very small village. Some British soldiers came there. They were served fried groundnuts, which were very tasty. The soldiers were satisfied. They asked the people what its name was. People told that it was Bangal (Groundnut). 

(To a teacher) Why are you looking at Me like this?

Teacher: Swami, Poornavatar is standing in front of me.

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