Bhagavan delivering a Discourse at Trayee Brindavan

My Dear Students!

You are not aware of what kind of feelings you should cultivate. Your hearts should become flawless, ever blissful, eternal, pure, kind and perfect. You should have a heart full of such good qualities. Instead, if you fill your heart with wicked qualities like jealousy and hatred, how can you see God? Drive away these wicked qualities. Develop good qualities, and you can attain real peace in your life.

We build a dam across the river and store the water to use it for agricultural purposes. Only then, the river will find its fulfillment. A man’s life is like that of a river. Across this river of life, a dam of renunciation should be built and the love should flow into everyone’s heart. The heart itself is a big field. God says, “I am the field and I am the knower of the field.” Without the knower of the field, the field cannot exist. Both the field and the knower of the field are God Himself. The object and the reflection are equally God-like. The same is the case of a director and an actor. When you understand this principle, you realise God.

Today, the books that students read are of less use. All these books are only about the world and the worldly things. They contain only theoretical knowledge. You are becoming heroes in theory and zeroes in practical knowledge. All of you should become heroes in practical learning. What are you going to get in this worldly learning? You study for the sake of happiness. However, are you satisfied by merely passing in the examinations? No. Then you go for higher studies. Are you happy, even after getting big degrees? No. Next, you apply for a job. However, are you contented after getting into a job? No. Now you want a higher salary. To what extent can you go on like this? It goes on like this until the last breath. Before your death too, if the doctor wants to give an injection, you will request him not to give any painful injection! Man struggles to attain happiness from cradle to the grave. He looks for bliss. Is he really experiencing the bliss? No. He is caught up in the cycle of birth and death. It is said, ‘Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi Maranam’ (going through the cycle of birth and death). Repeatedly you take birth, after dwelling in the womb of the mother. How long can you live? You have to face this birth again. How can you attain peace if you are caught up in this vicious cycle of birth and death? You should try to attain peace when you have life with you. So, develop love.

Like a magnet, love draws God near to you. God Himself will attract you. But you do not have such a powerful magnet. God is a magnet and you are an iron piece. If you keep the iron piece clean, the magnet will attract it. If you allow the iron piece to rust, the magnet cannot attract it. Then you start thinking that this magnet of God is powerless. However, there is enough power in this ‘Magnet.’ It is only the iron piece, which is unclean. You have to clean it properly. The process of cleaning is Sadhana (spiritual practice). The nine forms of worship are, listening to God's glories, chanting His name, contemplation on God, serving the Lord’s Lotus Feet, salutation, worship, servitude, friendship and complete self-surrender to the Almighty.


  1. I would like to add that Swami often mentiones 6 qualities a student should possess:
    1. Sadgunam - good qualities
    2. Sadacharam - good behaviour
    3. Satya Nerati - adherence to Truth
    4. Bhakti - Devotion
    5. Kramashikshana - Discipline
    6. Kartavya Palana - Discharging of duties.



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