How is Raksha Bandhan connected with the life of Lord Krishna?

August 7,1998

Swami : (To the students) When is Poonal ceremony (thread-changing ceremony)?

Students : Today, Swami.

Swami : Tomorrow is Poornima. You must do it tomorrow, it is Raksha-Bandhan too. Why do sisters tie Raakhis?… When Krishna was about to leave for the war, His sister, Subhadra tied a thread to His hand, praying for His welfare. Does anybody know Sanskrit? (When nobody could answer, Swami spoke two sentences in Sanskrit, which were spoken by Subhadra while she tied the thread to Krishna) It means, “May you shine like the full moon and may you be victorious.” This was the first time Raakhi was tied. Nowadays there are neither Subhadras nor Krishnas! 
Subhadra ties Rakhi to Lord Krishna
(In general) Who was Subhadra’s husband? 
(Replying Himself) Arjuna. He used to address Krishna as Baawa (brother-in-law). So, Krishna told him that he should first marry His sister and then address Him so. (To a Student) Who is Subhadra?

Student : Krishna’s sister.

Swami : Is she not your grandmother? Abhimanyu was Subhadra’s son and Parikshit was Subhadra’s grandson.


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