With Sri Sathya Sai to Dwaraka...

May 15 to 16, 1970

The Dwarakadheesh (Krishna) Temple at Dwaraka
Swami flew to Ahmedabad from Bombay on May 15th and addressed a mammoth gathering there. The Chief Justice, Governor, the Chief Minister of Gujarat state and other ministers were present during the occasion. Swami left for Dwaraka along with the Rajamata and His entourage on the same day. Prof. Kasturi beautifully elaborates on that visit in Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Volume 3:

"On the 15th Baba left for Dwarka, 150 miles away, with the Rajamata and members of His party. All along the route, in the busy squares of cities on quiet suburban roads or in the midst of flat treeless wastes, clusters of families had gathered to catch a glimpse; they had inscribed Baba in their hearts and taken His pictures into their shrines. As we drove along, the pages of the Bhagavata unfolded before our eyes: Lord Krishna was re-entering His ancient homeland, we felt.
Sri Sathya Sai in Gujarat - 1970
Also seen on the right are Dr. Chudasama and Prof. N. Kasturi
The people of Dwaraka, and Sai devotees from other towns had filled the wide corridors of the Krishna Temple, long before Baba arrived, while He could go smoothly in, through the thick mass, we were pushed, jostled and pressed; so seeing our plight, Baba came out of the temple to draw those Gopas and Gopies into a wider space. When we were inching our way to have a Darshan of 'Krishna,' the inhabitants of Krishna's City were swarming around the Sai Krishna. They feasted their eyes on Baba, and congratulated each other. 

Baba left for Mithapur, where the employees of the chemical and allied factories established by Tatas were having a Bhajan Mandali for years. On the way to Mithapur, Baba inquired from a devotee accompanying Him, if he would like to go back and see the Shrine of Dwaraka and have a Darshan of the idol of Krishna installed there; the devotee affectionately prayed that he may not be sent back to Dwaraka, as he was very happy to be in the presence of Sai Krishna. A continuous stream of men, women and children flowed on to the lawns around the Guest House. Baba moved among them showering compassion and charm.

While returning to Jamnagar in the evening, Baba was full of sympathy with us for the confusion and congestion inside the temple, which deprived us of Darshan of the Lord of Dwaraka, Krishna, as, installed in the temple. Suddenly He said, "O! The sea is here!" and the cars stopped. We came upon a wide patch of sandy shore, with a temple on a heap of rocks at one end. The place was called, we learnt later, Kuranga, meaning 'the deer'. The sea and the wave always elicit the playfulness inherent in Baba. For His play was first evinced when a tiny titillating wave appeared on the deep calmness of Fullness. He walked along the watery edge, gleefully daring the mischievous cohorts of waves. He laughed when others were drenched with saline stuff. He picked shells and searched for more, and sat on the sands at last, as Krishna must have sat, some fifty centuries ago. 

He heaped the soft sand to the height of a cubit in front of Him, putting us all into a state of extreme expectancy. He flattened the heap and drew on it with His finger a three-slanted line. He drew a rough circle on top; he added a small triangle over it. He drew a short line across a circle. "It is ready," He said, wiping the sand from His palms. 
Sri Sathya Sai materializing the golden Krishna statue at the shore near Dwaraka
We were unable to guess what exactly was ready, though the line must have been for the "Thri-bhangi body," the circle the head; the small triangle, the peacock feather and the line across, the Flute! 'It is ready,' He said and digging His hands deep into the pile, He drew forth a bright golden image about 15 inches high of Lord Krishna playing the flute, the very acme of the goldsmith's art and craftsmanship. "You did not get Darshan of Krishna in the temple; have it, now," He invited us. It was a moment of 'supreme' ecstasy. 
The Creator and His Creation
The image was iconographically perfect; we could see a captivating smile playing around the golden lips. We do not know how long we sat contemplating the majestic beauty of the Krishna before us. It was Baba who awakened us. "Come, let us go." He reached Jamnagar at 9 pm.

Swami visited the Ayurvedic University on the 16th and blessed the Sathya Sai Seva Dal training programme. Swami addressed the Rotarians in the Town Hall that evening. At 9 pm He took His party to the Balachchdi seashore near the Sainik School. He brought forth from the sands a silver Vinayaka idol for Prof. V. K. Gokak and a beautiful silver idol of Annapurna for the Principal of the Sainik School.

The video of the Krishna materialization at Dwaraka:

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