What is MBA?

13th August 2001

Swami : What is M.B.A.?

Student : Master of Business Administration.

Swami : Who is a master?

Student : Master means “Adhipati”.

Swami : Who is master?

Student : Swami, You!

Swami : Don’t give such a simple answer. Think properly and tell.

Student : One who has control over his mind is a master.

Swami : Why don’t you say - Master the mind and be a mastermind! Then what is business?

Student : It is a means of earning “Artha” (money) in a Dharmic way.

Swami : No, not correct. It is a very narrow definition.  Everything in this world is business. Talking, breathing (i.e. taking breath in and out), eating, digesting and assimilating. (To a teacher) Is it correct?

Teacher : Yes, Swami. Almost everything is some sort of business.

V.C. : The students look at it only in its commercial sense.

Swami : They should broaden their outlook. Tell me, what is management?

Student : It is the proper utilization of resources to get maximum benefit.

Swami : (To another student) Neevu Cheppu  (You tell).

Student : It is getting the best out of men and materials.

Swami : Is it correct?

Teacher : Swami, that is only the classroom definition.

Swami : Why don’t you look at the word ‘management’. Man-age-ment… When a man has a mentality, which is apt for his age, it is management. If these young boys have a correct mind set for their age and a senior person has a mind apt for his seniority, that is management. It is there in the word itself – Man-age-ment.

Teacher : Swami, which means, management is having maturity of the mind.

Swami : Look, these boys are going for hospital management. In a hospital, there are doctors, nurses, paramedics, technicians etc. Each person should be given the job according to his mentality and maturity. That is correct management.

Student : Swami, no book has given such a definition.

Swami : Why are you satisfied with what the books say? They give you another person’s definition and views. You should discover and arrive at a definition on your own. Self-discovery is important.

Source: Students with Sai: Conversations – Part 2 (2000-2004)

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