When Allah Sai saved me! - By Harish M.

It happened on 2nd June, 1985, a rather hot and restless day in the house in Jakarta. My younger brother was admitted in the hospital and his lower cheek (near the jaw) was to be operated because of some infection. My mother had gone to the hospital in the morning itself and we were to follow her in the evening. That day, my cousin had come to pay a visit to go along with us to the hospital. Everyone at home was restless, as they wanted to go to hospital. It was only 3 o’clock; however I could not just sit and wait. I told my eldest sister that I would be taking out my car for a drive and reasoned, “You know, to pass the time.”

Jakarta: The bustling capital of Indonesia

My sister agreed. My other sister along with me came for the drive. She sat at the back seat whereas my driver sat beside me. I took our ‘Suzuki’, as it is lighter to drive as compared to ‘Peugeot’. I went to an area where there was hardly any car. I wanted to practice speed driving. Everything was fine and I found that I could control the car easily even at a speed of 100 km/hour. I was truly enjoying on the drive. But this did not last for long.

At a distance 200 meters in front of me, was a U-turn. A colt (a car twice the size of my car) was about to take the turn. When I horned aloud and gave signs with the front lights to stop, it did not stop, but horror of horrors, at about 50 meters away, it suddenly gave an abrupt turn. I was aghast and just could not decide what to do. If I were to apply the brakes on, our car would topple upside down and if I run into it, I may not survive at all. And then the crashing sound came. I was shocked as my sister shrieked.

The car was immediately stopped and my sister ran out of the car to hold a tree nearby. She needed some support, she was feeling giddy. My driver received a deep cut (when taken to the hospital, they have to put 10 stitches on the wound). I was stuck up. The steering wheel was right on my chest. I couldn’t even budge a little. Suddenly, I remembered Swami and prayed for His aid. I tried all efforts to move out, but in vain. Suddenly my seat broke down. I could move my body easily. I tried to open the door but found that it was jammed. I know that if I were to go out, it was only through that door. As I looked in front, I saw that front glass had given in and instead of falling on me; it fell out on the road.

Then in a moment of great despair, I put all my energy together and kicked the door open. The door not only opened, but broke off too. I ran outside and checked, wherever I could, if there are any wounds on my body. Believe it or not, there was not even a single scratch anywhere! 

The people who by the time gathered around the car, grasped in disbelief when they found no sear or sign of wound on me. Some said I could have died or at least broken my leg or so in such an accident. Some told that Allah had indeed saved me. I know that who else but Allah Sai could have saved me? Within my heart, I prayed to Him in gratitude towards His infinite grace and mercy.

Sri Sathya Sai going through the Holy Quran along with the Muslim students of His University at Prasanthi Nilayam

One thing I forgot to mention was that I had no driving license. As per the law, I was supposed to be taken to the court and fined for it. But Swami sent a kind inspector who settled the matter immediately and asked for only a very little amount as fine. In Jakarta, such leniency is rare. I was so full of gratitude towards Swami that a tear trickled down my cheek.

Till today, I can still picture the scene as it had happened or shudder to think that but for Swami, I would have died or would have at least been crippled. Indeed, I realized the truth in Swami’s statement “Why fear when I am here?” on that day, the bright, humid and restless day which showed me the power of Sai.

- Harish M.
Alumnus, Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School
Prasanthi Nilayam

Source: Sai Nandana 1985 (60th Birthday Issue)

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