Living with Sai: A Day by Day Account of Divine Interactions - By Abhay Gautam

Twameva Maataa Cha, Pitaa Twameva
Twameva Bandhuscha, Sakhaa Twameva
Twamva Vidyaa Dravinam Twameva
Twameva Sarvam Mama Sai Deva Deva

The above-mentioned prayer offered at the Lotus Feet of our Mother Sai means: 

You are my mother and father,
You are the closest kin and the dearest friend,
You are my wisdom and treasure,
You are my everything, You are my Lord, my only Lord.

It is really a great opportunity for me to write about this Avatar, our beloved Lord Sai, on the occasion of the 75th year of Divinity, that is our Sai’s Birthday. With my humble Pranams at Thy Lotus Feet, I would like to tell you through my own personal experiences how our Lord Sai responded to my prayer written above. 

Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, Prasanthi Nilayam

I joined Bhagavan’s school on 3rd May 2000, in eleventh standard, away from my parents after staying sixteen years with them. It was on that day I became a seed, buried in the garden of Sai. In the month of June, I struggled a lot to get close to Bhagavan. In that month, due to certain circumstances, I sometimes sat at the rear but I prayed to Bhagavan sincerely and the Indweller of our hearts, Lord Sai, heard my prayers. 

It was on 1st July 2000, that I got the chance to go closer to the Universal Lord and talk with Him. On that day I drew a sketch of Bhagavan and showed it to Him. See the perfection in the Artist-of-the-artists, that from at least six feet away itself our Lord pointed out the mistake in that sketch! But then He called me near and poured out His love on me like the way a mother loves her child. Sai materialised Vibhuti for me and proved that He is not only Sai, He is Sai Mata.

Sri Sathya Sai seeing Abhay Gautam's card
He is the Chef-of-the-chefs. Next day, He came and asked about our food and advised us not to eat all sorts of hot things, pickles etc. 

He is the One who tests our patience and then responds in His own way. It was on 4th July 2000, I took a handkerchief for Bhagavan. Bhagavan came close to me and used the handkerchief of the boy sitting next to me but not mine. But I continued to hold handkerchief in my hand. After going around the VIPs, Bhagavan came, smiled at me, touched that handkerchief and pressed my fingers. He is the Indweller of our hearts. 

He is the best Brother among all brothers. On 7th July 2000, I made a card for Bhagavan and Bhagavan blessed that card and started joking with me and making fun of me in a way only a brother can do. So here Bhagavan showed the love of a brother towards me. He materalised Vibhuti for me and He proved that He is ‘Sai Bhrata’ also. 

See the concern of Bhagavan for His children. On 12th July 2000, in spite of the massive crowds during the festival of ‘Ashadi Ekadashi’, Bhagavan came and asked me whether I got Prasadam or not. I replied in the negative and then Bhagavan called a boy and asked him to give me the Prasadam. 

Sai is the Grandmother-of-grandmothers. On 14th July 2000 I had severe back pain and I was missing my grandmother very much because whenever I fell sick my grandmother used to take care of me. Being in the hostel, I was missing my grandmother. Bhagavan came and asked Himself whether I was suffering from back pain. I said “Yes, Bhagavan.” He asked the reason, materialised Vibhuti and gave it to me. So that love of Bhagavan made me satisfied that He is also my grandmother. I learnt that I should not be sad for being away from my grandmother but should be happy because the real Grandmother is right here! 

As you all know, mothers are to love and fathers are to guide. One day Bhagavan came and told, nay, instructed me that I should sit straight, otherwise my back will be bent. So here Bhagavan showed the true guiding nature of a father, revealing that He is not only Sai Mata but also Sai Pita

28th July 2000 was the day of luck for me. On that day Sai, the ruler of our hearts, gave me Abhayam in the form of a ring. My name being Abhay, Bhagavan came and asked my name and the meaning of my name. Abhay means ‘fearless’. Bhagavan told me that I would not be fearless until Bhagavan gives me Abhayam. And then He gave me Abhayam in the form of a diamond-studded ring, with lotus around it, proving that He is my grandfather also because grandfathers always give precious gifts. 

Our Parthi Sai, the Lord of Parthi is Doctor-of-doctors. I was suffering from severe stomach pain. Bhagavan enquired about that and materialised two capsules for me on 5th August 2000 and told me how to eat those capsules. He told to take one in the night and the other in the morning. I didn’t get any stomach pain till now after eating those capsules. See the concern of Bhagavan for His children. Next morning, on 6th August Bhagavan again asked about my stomach pain. 

Bhagavan, our Lord, is the Teacher-of-teachers. He came and asked me the meaning of ‘hysteria’ and ‘noun’ on 6th August and 7th August. I was unable to express it in front of Bhagavan and Bhagavan explained me the meanings very lovingly. 

Bhagavan is the only friend we have. On 8th August, He came and enquired about my programme during the winter vacations. He told me to stay with my parents and told me that I shall not have any other friends who will go home with me excepting one, which is He alone. So, breaking all these worldly friendships, we should try to make Sai as our best friend. Who else can share all your problems with you except a good friend? That friend is our Lord Sai. 

He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. On 15th August, on Independence Day, we performed the function in our hostel and it rained heavily after the function. On 16th August Bhagavan told me everything about the function and told me that He was there only and only after He left there was a heavy downpour. So is there any need to seek God further in this materialistic world when He Himself declares, “Try to seek Me in your hearts and you will find that I am there with you.” 

On 22nd August 2000 I wanted to tell Bhagavan about some problem but I didn’t get a chance to talk outside. By His Divine grace, He called me into the interview room for Prasadam distribution and I talked to Him inside His dining hall about my problem. See the mischief of our Lord Parthi Sai.

He is the Divine Doctor who knows everything about His patients. On 30th August 2000 I told Bhagavan about my throat pain and Sai Murari told that I was suffering from tonsillitis, created Vibhuti and rubbed it on my throat. He is the ultimate Divine doctor, who has a cure for every disease or problem. 

On 7th August 2000 Bhagavan called me and asked me to give a speech in Sai Kulwant Hall. After touching His Holy Feet I went and spoke there solely because of the strength given to me by Him. That is why Bhagavan says, “When I pass by you, My energy enters into you.” 

By this time all of you must have realised why I called Bhagavan, our Lord, as the Universal Lord. He is the Universal Lord because once He takes birth in a human form, He plays all the roles, which an ordinary human being plays. Once the Avatar comes to this Earth in the form of a human being, He acts as a human being and not as the Lord. 

- Abhay Gautam
Student (2005-2007), Department of Biosciences
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus
Currently, Country Officer, Australia India Institute, New Delhi

Source: Sai Nandana 2000 (75th Birthday Issue)


  1. Simply beautiful! This is a personal message from Swami to me today. It bears great significance for me today for various reasons. Thank you so very much for posting this today. Jai Sai Ram!



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