"Please Forgive us Swami!" – Part 1

August 3, 1991

Swami was apparently upset with the students and today the students had decided to stand and ask Swami to forgive them. The second year MBA students took the lead and went ahead to pray to Swami to forgive all of them. Swami came out around 4:20 p.m. and all the students got up and said, “Swami, please forgive us, we are sorry.” Swami looked and indicated with His palm that all should sit down, and then left to give Darshan.

Swami did not call anybody for interview, and the students took it as a good sign and at once got up, yet again pleading for His pardon – only to be sent back. But, Swami suddenly stopped walking, and this encouraged all the boys in the front to surround Swami and beg His pardon.

Students : Swami, Please forgive us.

Swami : Why?  What have you done?

Students : No Swami, You are not happy with us.

Swami : Swami is always happy, happy. Very, very happy. See My face. I can see that you all are also very happy. Boys are all good. You are all such good boys.

Students : No, Swami. Please forgive our mistakes. We have pained You. We are all very sorry.

Swami : Yes!  Yes! Swami is very happy. You are all good boys. But, the students would not let go and kept on praying for Swami’s forgiveness.

Swami : There is no mistake! You are all good boys! Now go back! Where will devotees sit? Go, go back!

Surrounded by His Students in the Prasanthi Nilayam portico
Swami then suddenly changed the topic.  

Swami : What was for lunch today?

None of the students answered. Swami then asked one of the MBA students the same question. The student replied that he had not taken lunch at all.  

Swami : No! Such huge bodies. You must be eating double in fact. 

Swami then asked the same question to another student.  

Students : Swami must forgive us.

Swami : What forgive? I am asking about lunch. Wrong answer, wrong answer.

Then, Swami asked one of the PhD scholars what was for lunch, but did not get any answer. Then after inquiring that the student was doing research in Nuclear Physics, Swami continued the interaction.

Swami : Nuclear! Now there must be a war going on! Is there a war in the hostel? Come, tell me how is the hostel? These PhD boys, room leaders – very, very, very good.

Students : Swami we want You very much. We are all waiting eagerly for You.

Swami : Oh no! Not for Me. All are waiting for exams now. All right tell Me what do you want.

Students : Swami we want You.

Swami : I also want you boys! I also want you.

Then Swami turned towards the Bhajan hall and accepted the handkerchief from one of the students. The students there took the opportunity.

Students : Swami we need You.

Swami : I also need you.

Students : But Swami we need You now!

Swami then patted the boy and introduced him to some of the elders sitting on the upper portico. Swami then started talking again to some of the devotees when the boys pleaded again.

Swami : Shhh! Now I am talking to devotees! You are not devotees. You are all students. Only part time devotion! You have come here only for education!

Students : No Swami we want You! We have come for You.

Swami : Is it so? Then why are you all staying there (hostel)? Will you all come here then?

Students : Yes Swami! We will all come here (Mandir). We want to be with You!

Swami : Want to be with Me? 

So saying Swami went inside the interview room.

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