What is True Secularism?

Sri Sathya Sai in Trayee Brindavan

All our students should understand completely the meaning of the Indian culture. Many of you know that India is called a secular state. What is a secular state? What is the meaning of secular? For experiencing and practicing your religion, you should have freedom; that is true secularism. Without any obstacle, you should be able to practice your religion. At the same time you should not criticize other religions. Don’t criticise other religions and you practice your religion. That is secularism. That’s what I told in Delhi (referring to His visit to Delhi in March 1999). You criticise other religions whether Christians or Muslims. Why should you criticise others? You practice your religion; you have got freedom for that. You should not criticise other religions. That is true secularism. 

Sri Sathya Sai with senior leaders of the Government of India - Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Home Minister L.K. Advani, and others during His visit to New Delhi in March 1999 

Saying one thing and doing another is not good. What is the use? The proper study of mankind is man. What is that mankind? One with unity in thought, word and action is a man. When the three are different, he cannot be called a man. You think of something in your mind, talk something else and do something else. 

Manasyekam, Vachasyekam, Karmanyekam Mahatmanam 
(For the Mahatmas, the great people, the thought, word and deed are one and the same.)

Manasanyath, Vachasanyath, Karmanyanyath Duratmanam
(For the Duratmas, wicked people, the thought, word and deed are different.)

You have to understand the proper meaning of every word in Indian culture. If you don’t know, try to understand. When you understand those words and use them, it will be very useful for everyone. Without understanding the meaning if you use the words, what is the use? 

Hanuman flying over the ocean to Lanka in search of Mother Sita

Hanuman was going in search for Sita. He had to jump over the ocean. He needed water. Did he have a water bag?! He was jumping over the ocean. Even if he felt thirsty, he couldn’t drink the salty water of the ocean. What was his thirst? He said, “The Divine Mission of Rama is my work. As long as Rama’s work is there, there is no thirst for me. I don’t want this thirst and water. Rest. What is rest? Sitting is not rest. No. When I complete my work, that is rest for me. I have to take the message of Sita and tell Rama that Sita is in a particular place. That is my work.” 

In this manner, if all the students become true 'Bharatiyas', the country will be redeemed. Every Indian should practice Satya (truth) and Dharma (righteousness) without hurting and harming others. That is what he has got to do. 

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