"How are My Boys?"

July 21, 1991

Swami had spent a considerable time on the upper portico today. Many guest speakers had arrived for the Management Development Programme of the Faculty of Business Management, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and Bhagavan was paying a lot of attention to them. He asked one of them during the course of the conversation, “Who is a leader”? 

He then answered, “He who leads is a leader. Today, nobody wants to lead.  Everybody shuns leadership and moves away a safe distance from it. This is the cause for all the chaos and confusion in today’s world.

Swami then asked one of the invitees, “How are the boys?”, to which he replied, “Swami they are really good”. 

Swami said, “Good? Yes! When compared with boys outside, they are definitely good. You will never find such good boys. But, they can be rough too! You see here, the Ring Master (pointing to Himself) is present and therefore, they are under control. But, once they go out of the Ring Master’s sight, they revert to their wild nature. Boys should put into practice what they learn here. Otherwise, what is the use of staying with Swami and learning so much here? But, it is not their fault either. The outside environment itself is such. Our boys must equip themselves here to fight against that environment and continue to be as exemplary as they are here. They should foster and spread the values they imbibe here. For example, when dust makes friendship with water it sinks down to the earth. But, if it joins hands with the wind, it soars high into the sky. In either case, the dust does not possess the capacity to go up or fall down. The power to go up into the sky or sink down into the earth lies in the company which the dust keeps.

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