The very first Birthday Celebrations at Puttaparthi

Saturday, November 23, 1946

Sri Sathya Sai - 1946

On the 23rd of November 1946, Baba’s Birthday was celebrated in the Mandir as a major festival for the first time. All the devotees would proceed to Baba’s parents’ house with musical instruments. They would carry the Poornakumbha vessel, garland the blessed parents, offer them new clothes, perform ‘Pada Puja’ to them and invite them to celebrate their Son’s Birthday in the Mandir. Baba’s parents were thus ceremoniously ushered into the Mandir. The stage in front of the Mandir was decorated with Rangoli. Baba sat on this stage in a wonderfully ornate chair. The parents then applied sandalwood paste and Kumkum on His forehead. Baba was anointed with a flower dipped in consecrated sandalwood oil and garlanded. Baba blessed the parents with Laddu Prasadam. 

Sri Sathya Sai with Mother Easwaramma

Later, the other devotees were blessed with an opportunity of anointing the Avatar, applied oil to His head, and worshipped His feet by applying turmeric and Kumkum to them. Baba blessed all these devotees by distributing laddus amongst them. After a bath, Baba sat in His chair while Bhajans were sung in devotional frevour. After the Arati, Prasadam was distributed all over again. Baba also organised for a grand feast for all His devotees. The function was drawn to a close only at around 10:00 pm.

Birthday Annointation by the parents in later years

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