Sri Sathya Sai on: Lessons Abraham Lincoln learnt from his Mother

The light of spirituality which is beyond comprehension and description lies within. The Americans, the British, the Japanese, Germans consider their achievement due to individuals. All the achievements are due to the tender-hearted, sacred-minded youth, youngsters and students.
16th President of USA - Abraham Lincoln 
(1809 - 1865)
What was the qualification of Churchill? He was the Chief of the Army. He went on encouraging everybody. Such people who encourage others to proceed in the right direction are responsible for the advancement of the strength of the nation. The topmost dignitary, the American President; what was his qualification? While he was young, his mother had taken care of him. Because of poverty, she had to maintain the family working as tailor stitching worn out clothes. That son became the President of America. His name was Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln while sitting on the lap of his mother went on feeling sad, sharing with his mother, the thought that he was disrespected and put to shame by his classmates. The other classmates were wearing prestigious dresses. And Lincoln could not afford the costly dresses. As he was wearing old, dirty dresses he was not accepted by his classmates and they maintained their distance from him. Though people had isolated him, because he enjoyed the benediction and blessings of his mother, he could reach great heights in life. It was his mother who said to him that poverty, though cheap in the sight of the public, will finally one day help him gain respect. Always speak the truth unmindful of your financial position. And because of her advice Lincoln became very famous in later times. Lincoln clearly declared, “You may disrespect me, but the truth cannot be disrespected. The truth will be triumphant. I proceed on the path of truth and my mother is my ideal”. Infact those people with the blessings of their mothers, happen to be leaders of different countries. Infact such good and noble mothers are present in this land of Bharat. But today we do not find such people who encourage their children inspite of their conditions. However in the recent times, we do have some noble mothers. The parents because of their love for their son sacrifice everything. This is ultimately responsible for the esteem and prestige earned by their son. Infact Lincoln used to proceed to school, after rendering salutations to his parents. While all other friends used to proceed in groups, he used to walk all alone. It is humility that makes you deserving and affluent and eventually helps you attain Divinity. Therefore humility is most important. We should always respect and revere our parents and consider this education as their gift. It is for that reason that since ancient times people have been speaking very highly of parents. The scriptures declare Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava, Atithi Devo Bhava (Mother is God, Father is God, Teacher is God, Guest is God) and Truth is God; follow the path of righteousness. There are many people who have attained and achieved these values.

Respect Your Parents 
Students! Your parents are responsible for all the education you are receiving here. They undergo so many sufferings to educate you. They pay your fees. At times for this they may even have to fast. But in our University there are no fees, whatsoever. Everything is available to you totally free of charge. Sports is free. There are no examination fees. We do not collect even a single naya paisa. Therefore it is important on your part to bring a good name. You should emulate the example of Lincoln. You should be as great as that person. That is true education. Your education begins with respecting your parents. We should foster the patriotic spirit and uphold national values. To maintain the prestige of the family, we should revere our parents. You can be a true student only if you are humble, only if you are obedient, only if you respect your parents. You should not be artificial; you should not simply do these things to win the praise and acclaim of the people around.

Students! What you need is humility. Students with humility and obedience will progress in their career. Such students are needed today. We have good lot of such of students here. They did not have a scope to express these values earlier. I have now willed to give them a number of chances in the future, so as to manifest all the values latent in them.  You should demonstrate to everybody that humility and obedience are of prime importance.

Source: Humility: The Essence of Education, My Dear Students, Volume 2, Discourse on February 24, 2005 at the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus Auditorium

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