Chinni Krishna Muraleedhara

Chinni Krishna Muraleedhara Venna Chora Nannu Gaavara
Kanna Thandri Nannu Brova Karunato Raa Raa
Deva Deva Sai Deva (Chinni…)

Raadha Ramana Krishna Vedaabharana
Ledaa Karuna Budanuta Charana
Yadu Nandana Shouri Mandhara Giridhaari (Chinni…)

Bhakta Loka Paripaala Sadguna Sheela
Vedudu Chaala Jaalamadela
Mauktikahaara Krishna Vegame Raa Raa (Chinni…)

Brindaavana Vihaari Madi Ninugori
Bhajiyinthu Muraari Sajjanulanu Cheri
Nandanandana Krishna Vandana Midera (Chinni…)


Cute little Krishna! O flute player! O butter thief! 

Why don’t You come to rescue me?

Endearing one! Come to me with compassion and liberate me. 

O Beloved of Radha! O Krishna! The Master of Vedas! Do You not have compassion for me? You are the One who is praised by the virtuous as the darling son of Nanda, who raised the Mandara Mountain!

The Master of devotees of the world! O virtuous one! Are not my prayers enough? Why do You delay in reaching me? 

The one adorned with a chain of pearls, O Krishna! Come quickly. I cannot wait any longer! 

Oh! The One who moves around in Brindavan, my mind seeks Thee.

I will sing Your praises in the company of virtuous people. Salutations to You, O Son of Nanda!

(Note: This song has been composed by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.)

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