All Is One

The Fragrance In The Breeze
From The Flowers And The Trees
And The Music Of The Birds
As They Fly Across The Sky
An Angelic Symphony
An Enchanting Harmony
Now I See It
There Is A Unity
We Are One, We Are Divine
There Is Love, There Is Bliss
There Is Joy, There Is Peace
From This World We Can Learn
God’s Creation Is All One
And We Are Love, We Are Bliss
We Are Joy, We Are Peace   (From This…All One)
We Are One, All Is One (2)
There Is A Reason For This Life
There Is A Role We Have To Play
There Is A Purpose, And A Meaning
For Which We Have To Look Inside
Life Is Not Drudgery
Or A Painful Tragedy
It Is A Precious Opportunity
Seek And You Will Find   (Chorus)

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