Natural Environment – Protection and Preservation – Part 2

... Continued from Part 1

Appropriate Use of Five Elements

If we were to examine the human body from the standpoint of science: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon are present in the human body. From hydrogen came carbon. Due to heat, carbon becomes oil. This is called crude oil. When we refine crude oil, it becomes kerosene. When kerosene is further refined, it becomes petrol. When petrol is further purified, it becomes white petrol and then gas. There are different types of gases: tear gas, mine gas and laughing gas! Some people swoon because of these gases, some laugh, and yet some others cry. Where do they all come from? Hydrogen is the basis for all of them. Hydrogen is very powerful. From a scientific view, hydrogen comes from the sun. Since the sun is very far from earth, only a fraction of the hydrogen that emanates from the sun reaches the earth while a lot of it fritters off on the way. That fraction of hydrogen, which reaches the earth, gives rise to wind, water, fire, etc. Hydrogen is responsible for evaporation of water from the ocean. Again, hydrogen is responsible for water to come down to earth in the form of rain. Hydrogen makes vegetables grow. Proteins and vitamins that exist in man are due to hydrogen. Scientists are able to find out so many things due to the effects of hydrogen. Over the years, the existence of forests has maintained the balance in nature. 

Depleting Forests in Brazil
Slowly, due to heat, the forests have started depleting. Human beings should properly recognize the significance of hydrogen. As regards carbon, there is carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is more powerful as compared to carbon dioxide. Even for this, there should be a limit. ‘Na Shreyo Niyamam Vina’ (There is no good without limits). A limit is needed for carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, as excess quantities of these elements can prove to be harmful to human health. There is great scope for generation of energy by using hydrogen. One can examine the ways and means employed in the United Kingdom in putting hydrogen to diverse end-uses. Here is a small example. There is a lot of hydrogen available in the environment around the globe. But the amount that is used by the entire world is just a fraction and the remaining amount of hydrogen available is not utilized. If it could be put to suitable use, it could be used for the development of nations. Human beings are not able to recognize the usefulness of this power. The reason is that they do not possess a broad vision. They think only about their self-interest, and are seldom bothered about the ways and means of utilizing the elements of nature. 

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