The Business of Life

What is business? Does it mean transaction or exchange of objects? No. The whole world is business. For that matter, right from the Prime Minister, we all are managers. Each one follows sincerely the expected procedure. Truly speaking, our students have fully realised the basic psychology expected of them in every field of life all over the world. 

Human being has got five senses. All the five senses of man are constantly engaged in business. Every limb of the human body necessarily follows the business as expected of it. A true manager is one who makes proper use of the five senses and does the business as per the expected standard. You cannot call it a true business if it is restricted to reading of the books, studying the foreign exchange and business taking place in foreign countries, comparing the foreign business with Indian business, etc. Indian business is related to and is applicable to the Indian scenario. We should never compare ourselves with the foreign businesses and stretch our hands. We have to fully comprehend our own Desha, the country and Deha, the body and understand it. The foreign business is based on the principle of domination and power. We should not imitate in this way. We have to design our own business based on our feelings, sentiments, actions, procedures and the tradition of this land. It is not enough if you go by caste, you should take into consideration the culture also. Besides culture, you should also take into account, the country. True business comprises these three components: caste, culture and country. In the present times, some have given up the caste consideration. If you like so, you may give up the caste. But never dispense with your culture. What is culture? Culture means adherence to following the path of tradition that has been laid before us over ages. Therefore, it is not possible to give up the native culture, not even a fraction of it. The caste and the culture together should propagate and publicise the country. Based on this country, the culture is developed and out of this culture we have got the caste that has been followed. Therefore, the human individuality depends upon the caste and culture perfectly blended together. 

You may neglect and may say - What is caste? What is culture? What lies over there? You may take it in that sense. You don’t get culture with mere association and interrelationships. The culture can be cultivated, can be adhered to through the sense of discrimination between what is good and what is bad. The heart is the seed of culture. Therefore, we should exercise proper discrimination. Out of this discrimination naturally you will face so many transformations and changes. Because of the absence of discrimination, we find the culture being perverted or diverted. As we are culturally spoiled, the country has become weak. The country is weak because individuals are not following the path of culture in the proper sense and are not following it strictly. Naturally, this kind of tendency leads to a questionable conduct and behaviour. As you know well today, each political party has got its own doctrine, has got its own ideology and the path laid before them. However, the best of the results can be achieved if all the political parties act together unitedly

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