The Relevance of Swadeshi Goods in Contemporary Times: Sri Sathya Sai Perspective

Mahatma Gandhi on the spinning wheel spearheading the Swadeshi Movement

You may take up an entry-level job in some organisation as an employee and gradually rise to the position of a manager. You should not exercise authority in an indiscriminate manner. You have to safeguard your individual character and national character. You should not cause any harm to anybody under any circumstances, irrespective of any position or status that you may occupy. Untruth misleads everyone onto the wrong path. Truth, along with character, should be an integral part of life. 

Managers must recognise the significance of both individual character and national character and also get acquainted with the lives of those great people who personified these traits. They should take a vow that they would never stoop down to such a stage that would tarnish their individual character or national character. Managers should always be dedicated to a good cause and render service to the nation. 

The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the air we breathe, the land we live – in short, all the five elements from which we derive the benefit, belong to Mother Earth and Motherland. We should never fail to express our gratitude to it. Mahatma Gandhi had called upon Indian people to use the goods made in India and reject foreign goods. If we start using foreign goods, we will depend more upon foreign countries and become slaves to them. In order to achieve freedom, Gandhi resorted to the Swadeshi Movement. Swarajya was the essence of asking people to use only goods made in India. What are Swadeshi goods? Atman is the Swadeshi good (product) whereas, all the rest like mind, body, etc. are foreign goods. They are all mortal materials. You have to follow the Atman and not the foreign concepts comprising the body and mind. Focus your attention on these ideals and follow your Atman. The future of any country depends on the ideals and morality of its people. A nation which eschews morality does not deserve to be reckoned as nation at all. The people of this country ought to follow these ideals and bring laurels to India.

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