Need and Significance of Morality and Ethics in the World of Business and Finance – Part 2: Sri Sathya Sai Perspective

A SWOT Analysis of Indians

Unfortunately, the Bharatiyas (Indians) have forgotten their glorious past. They are now like a mighty elephant who is unaware of its inherent strength. In the supremely holy land of Bharat, tolerance is the lofty quality of our character. What should be construed as the real beauty in a human being? It is not the beauty of the physical body. It is the quality of tolerance that confers real beauty on an individual. Our culture of Bharat has given utmost importance to the quality of tolerance. This has been happening since ages.  One has to therefore uphold one’s rich tradition of purity and tolerance. A true Bharatiya is one who protects these two qualities. One who lacks morality need not be considered as a human being. ‘Money comes and goes, but morality comes and grows’. Hence, one has to shield one’s own moral nature. That is the real quality of a Bharatiya. Only the one who is endowed with a noble character alone deserves to be called a Bharatiya. 
Just as an elephant is not aware of its inherent strength and meekly submits itself to the commands of the mahout, the Bharatiyas of today have forgotten their innate strength and purity and are aping the western culture. Though they are endowed with great strength and have mastered the Vedas, the Upanishads [i], and the scriptures, they are aping the western culture forgetting their own greatness. This does not befit the people of such a great nation. You have to recognize the greatness of your culture and follow your conscience. 

Unfortunately, people today do not follow their conscience. It is not out of ignorance but innocence. If you continue to imitate the western culture, your own power will gradually diminish. Therefore, do not imitate others in a blind manner. Observe restraint. For example, the lion attacks an animal only when it is hungry. It does not go about killing every animal that it comes across. Thus, even a wild beast like the lion has the quality to restrain itself. Hence, it is necessary for every human being to exercise restraint and observe certain limits. Limitless ego, anger, and desire will only lead you off course. You have to divert your mind from such tendencies and follow the noble path so that you do not cause harm to others nor do you suffer in the process. Do not misuse your strength and power at random. You see the modern children enjoying unrestrained freedom. Freedom no doubt is good and permissible but should be within limits. Then only it does yield value. Trying to amass wealth and being over-smart will only lead you to danger.

Lessons from Theology for Modern-Day Super Powers

You must have seen in newspapers how United States of America indulged in colossal wastage of money and other resources on wars in Iran, Iraq and other nations. What could it gain from this? Today the American economy has slowed down and there is recession in the country. It is all due to their improper usage of resources. Take for example, Lord Eashwara (one of the trinity Gods in Hindu theology). He is mighty and all-powerful. Yet, He uses His all-pervading power only to the extent necessary. He does not use His power indiscriminately. One must emulate His example and make proper use of one’s strength and resources only to the extent required.
Note: The northern boundaries of India have not been correctly depicted in this map.
Mind - The Source of All Problems

Do not waste your thoughts, for it makes your mind unsteady and wavering. (Baba illustrated the significance of thoughts using his hand-kerchief as a demonstrating model.) “What is this? This is a cloth. No, this is not a cloth but a bundle of threads. Not even threads, it is just cotton. Without cotton, there can be no threads, and without threads there can be no cloth”. Likewise, the mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. Therefore, put a check on your thoughts. Even the wealth you acquire and the food you eat must be within a certain limit. Food is God, do not waste Food. Help others, never hurt them. Help Ever, Hurt Never. These are some of the guidelines for a purposeful living that you must follow. He is a blessed one who conducts himself in such a way that he does not hurt others nor does he get hurt in the process. You have to learn these skills, which are not available in the textbooks. Watch your thoughts and see that they do not go astray. Each time a thought arises in your mind, analyse it. “Is it good or bad?” If you feel it is bad, do not allow it to persist. Just let it pass. If it is a good thought, put it into practice so that you and others also, will be benefited.

Self-Development and Modern Executives

The Grand Conference Session with all the Banking Experts in the Sai Kulwant Hall 
In the Conference held yesterday and today, certain guidelines for efficient functioning of the banks in the country have been deliberated upon. Whatever actions you perform should conform with the spirit of self-improvement. Do not be under the impression that you are serving an organisation where you are working; rather you are serving yourself by your sincere efforts. Do not give any room for ego and pride. By depositing your savings in a bank, it is not the bank but you are the one who will benefit, for it will come back to you only in the form of deposit amount as well as interest. In the same way, you will benefit by the good you do to others. You are doing it for your own superior life.

If you want to earn a good name in society, cultivate three principles: Daiva Preeti, Papa Bheeti, and Sangha Neeti (love for God, fear of sin, and morality in society). If you foster morality in society, people will gather around you considering you as a good person. First and foremost, develop love for God. The next is fear of sin. It is only when you cultivate this quality that you will become a person of character. When you have a noble character, the entire society will love you. None will hate you. Maintain good character and love all. Love is everywhere and God is everywhere. Hence, love all. The more you love others, the more your repute will go up in the society. 

If you commit a mistake or indulge in an evil deed, others will try to imitate you. Hence, 'Be Good, Do Good, and See Good. This is the way to God'. Only when you conduct yourself in such a manner will you earn a good name in society. You cannot learn these things from a textbook. It is not textual information. It relates to the purity of heart. You should develop such sacredness. Unfortunately, there are only secrets but no sacredness anywhere. This is not good. If you smoke a cigarette, your friend too will come to you and say, “Hello, you are a good boy. Give me also one cigarette.”  As is your company, so will be your behaviour. That is why it is said, “Tell me your company, I shall tell you what you are.” If you are in the company of bad people, you too would become a bad person. On the contrary, if you are good, and maintain your human quality in a steadfast manner, others will also follow your example and become good.

Today, you find that several companies have closed their operations. What could be the reason for this? If one company is following foul methods, other companies will also follow suit. It is a common thing that bad habits spread quickly and easily. You have therefore to be cautious and strive for good things to happen. Do not be hasty to imitate bad things. Haste makes waste, waste makes worry, therefore, do not be in a hurry.


Dear Children! You are all very young. Start doing good work right from this age. Set an example to others. Do service to society. It is society that protects you. Even before you start doing social service, there are four persons whom you should revere and respect: mother, father, preceptor, and God in that order. First and foremost, the mother is very important. Make her happy. If your mother is happy, your entire life will be happy. If you make her unhappy, you will suffer. Hence, keep her happy and contented at all times. The happiness of the mother is your happiness. She will protect you always. It is the mother who gave birth to you and brought you up. She may reprimand you and even beat you when she is angry with you. But her anger is only short-lived. You should not mind it. The momentary annoyance will not last long. Realize the fact that anger, ego, jealousy, etc., are all temporary phases. Even lust is momentary. These are all temporary and hence they come and go. They are not permanent. But one principle, Atma Tatwa (inherent Divine nature), is eternal.
Develop love for one and all. Love, Love, Love! Love All and Serve All. Love is your only property that lasts forever. There is nothing greater than love, and you don’t need anything greater too. Plunge into service with a feeling, “Service is God; Service is my life.” Service should not be undertaken with an expectation of compensation. Do not be elated when you get money or depressed when you lose money. The difference between money and morality is: Money comes and goes whereas Morality comes and grows.


[i] The Upanishads are philosophical texts of the Sanatana Dharma (the eternal religion), composed during the pre-Buddhist era. More than 200 such Upanishads are known to have been composed by various sages at different points in time.

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