“Who are the two Mothers of Ganesha?”

Sri Sathya Sai with Students on the Ganesha Immersion Day

Sunday, September 3, 2000 

(Ganesha Idols Immersion Day)


Darshan was at 6.50 am. Being a Sunday, students were also present. Immediately after Darshan, Prasadam was distributed to the students. Later, Swami gave clothes to the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus Principal, Prof. U. S. Rao. After the interview, He spent some time with the Primary School children. Then Swami called the Warden, Dr. Siva Sankara Sai, and told him to start the procession for the immersion of Ganesha idols at 2.00 pm. After Bhajans, Swami retired to His Poornachandra residence.


In the evening at 2.00 pm, 24 Ganesha idols were taken in procession from different places to Mandir (From School and Institute Hostels, both Hospitals – General and Super Speciality, Airport, Gokulam, Primary and Easwaramma Schools among others). 

The chariots and palanquins were decorated very beautifully. One of the palanquins was a thermocol model of a car named as ‘Mooshikar’. Each Ganesha was led by students chanting the Vedas and singing Bhajans and in between there were ‘Jaikars’. After around 45 minutes, the procession reached the Mandir. Swami was seated on His chair near the interview room. He was enjoying the dance programme presented by the students of the Primary School. The palanquins went around the Mandir. Swami broke many coconuts and gave group photographs to all who accompanied the Ganesha idols. The students who accompanied the palanquin modelled as a car, pointed out the name of the palanquin as ‘Mooshikar’ to Swami and He smiled. After taking Aarti, Swami directed the procession to return. The idols were immersed in a well near the ‘Sai Geeta’ shed. 

At around 3.30 pm., Swami again witnessed the dance programme of the Primary School children. This time, He was seated in front of the Ganesha statue in the portico. They also chanted Vedam, sang Bhajans and many popular group songs. Swami was very happy with their programme and interacted with them for quite a long time.

Swami : (When they sang the song ‘Sri Ganesha Sivuni Kumara‘) Who are the two mothers of Ganesha?

P. Student : Parvati and Ganga. (They asked Swami to sing a song.)

Swami : What song?

P. Student : Swami, Subramaniam… Subramaniam…

Swami : What are the different names of Shanmukha? (Another name for Lord Subramaniam. The students mentioned few of the names.) What is the way to God?

P. Student : Swami, Love. (One student quoted the saying: ‘Start the day with Love…’). 

Swami : What is the form of Love?

P. Student : Swami, You.

Swami : What is the way to immortality? (Swami was not satisfied with their answer. Then, Swami said) Removal of immorality is the way to immortality. How is your Hostel? Is it clean?

P. Student : Yes, Swami, it is clean. 

Swami : How is Institute Hostel?

P. Student : We don’t know, Swami.

Swami : (Jokingly) Institute, all big boys. They keep everything clean. You are all small boys. You keep things dirty.

P. Student : No, Swami. We keep things clean. 

Swami : What are your marks? (Many boys answered and most of them were above 85% or 90%. Swami to Prof. Anil Kumar) See, all get eighties and nineties.

Prof. A. K. : Swami, they are good at all things.

Swami : Anyone who knows Carnatic music? (Few of them raised their hands.) Who is first in the class? (Boys who secured first rank in different classes lifted their hands. To a student) How much did you get? (The student went very close to Swami and told something. Swami to others) He got 99%. 

He was telling that it is not nice praising oneself in public. That is why he came near Me and told.

Prof. A. K. : Swami, we were thinking that he got less marks and was feeling shy to say in public.

Swami : (To a student) Who is your brother?

P. Student : Swami, all are brothers.

Swami : All are one, be alike to everyone. (Later two of the Primary School students spoke in English and Sanskrit. Swami asked the student who spoke in Sanskrit about his marks in Sanskrit. The boy replied that he secured 99%. Swami expressed His happiness and pride about His students to Prof. Anil Kumar. To Primary School students) Who is your friend?

P. Student : Swami, You are our friend.

Swami : Who is your enemy?

P. Student : Swami, anger. 

Swami was very happy with their answers and spent some more time with them speaking very lovingly. Swami asked students to start Bhajans at 4.30 pm itself. 

After sitting outside for few Bhajans, Swami went inside the Bhajan Hall and took Aarti. Then Swami retired to the Poornachandra residence. 

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