Our Wonderful Lord - By S. Aswath Narayan

Aswath Narayan with Sri Sathya Sai at Kodaikanal in May 2007

Writing about Swami’s glory is a challenging task indeed. His glory can’t be expressed in mere words. Yet it is a wonderful and blissful experience when we talk or write about Swami. Bhagavan has been the source of inspiration to millions of individuals. The way in which He has touched and transformed millions of lives is incredible. Bhagavan’s teachings and His life have made a profound impact on me and I am still learning a number of valuable lessons at His lotus feet.

It gives me immense joy when I recapitulate some of my wonderful moments with Swami.  Swami always reciprocates to a selfless prayer. This happened during my 11th class, when I was holding my mother’s letter. She came across an article in one Tamil magazine. The article was about one poor village in Tamil Nadu where even proper facilities for conveyance were not there. People had to cross a river to go to a hospital and a bridge was badly required to be constructed there. Crossing the river proved to be very difficult especially for pregnant women. My mother was deeply moved on reading the article and she prayed to Swami fervently and wrote a letter, which she sent to me, to be handed over to Swami. Swami came for Darshan and came to the portico. He then made a path in the teachers block, came straight to me, pointing out His finger, asked for the letter. I stood on my knees, handed over the letter to Swami. Swami went back to the portico and stood there for some time, read the letter and went to interview room. I called my mother that night and she was extremely delighted to know that Swami had accepted her prayer. This incident made it clear to me that Swami definitely responds to a heartfelt, selfless prayer.

I have read a number of books written by devotees, vividly describing Swami's omnipresence and Swami's omnipotence. I recall one such incident wherein Swami showed His omnipresence. This was during my 1st year Post Graduation course. Swami used to come to the Bhajan hall a few minutes before the Bhajans started, and chat with students and teachers. On one such occasion, Swami asked me: “Which place you are from?" I told Swami, “Coimbatore.” Swami then asked, “Which place in Coimbatore?" I replied, “Swami, Sai Baba Colony." Swami remarked, “Your house is near My house only." There is a Shirdi Baba temple there, which had been inaugurated by Swami in the early 50’s. Swami repeated this statement two-three times. Then Swami casually told me, “You shifted to this house on June 13th." I was wonder-struck  Swami told me the exact date of shifting the house to Coimbatore from Kerala. Later that night I asked my parents to tell me the date on which we came to Coimbatore. I was told that it was June 13th morning, at around 1 a.m. or so. Swami acts as if He does not know anything and reveals His Divinity occasionally. At that time, we have to be alert and ready to grasp and cherish those moments.

Swami’s words have a deep meaning and sometimes we tend to underestimate them and take them lightly. My grandmother was very serious and was completely bedridden suffering from a number of complications. I told Swami, “Please reduce her suffering. She is suffering so much." Swami told me, “When I come to Chennai, she will walk." This was sometime around October 2006 and Swami’s Chennai visit in January 2007 was being planned for at that time. I conveyed this news to my mother. She was attending to my grandmother in Chennai. My mother was not able to comprehend and believe that grandmother would recoup from the current condition to a stage where she could walk. But as time went on, her health improved and she slowly started walking, taking support of someone across short distances. When Swami came to Chennai, my mother brought her and she was able to have His Darshan after a long gap of 20 long years. She was extremely happy after getting Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan. This is how Swami’s words become true. What we must have is 'Shraddha and Saburi', which I pray that He bestows upon all of us.

I would like to share an incident, of how Bhagavan cured a severe throat infection of mine with His Vibhuti Prasadam. I was suffering from a severe throat infection, which lasted for nearly a month. One day Swami asked me, “Thonda Seriliya," in Tamil, which means “Your throat is bad?" I told Swami that I had been suffering from a throat infection for the past 1 month. Swami materialized Vibhuti and lovingly rubbed it on my throat. That evening, my throat became all right and I was able to sing Bhajans. Such is our wonderful, compassionate Lord.

Swami teaches us the subtle, complex things in a simple way. One day Swami asked me how many younger brothers I had. I told Swami that I had one younger brother. Swami then asked me how many elder brothers I had. I told Him that I didn’t have any elder brother. Swami remarked, “What? See, so many people are seated in the Bhajan hall. They are all your brothers." The Atma in every one is the same. This is the message that He has been teaching us over the years, across the continents.

Aswath Narayan with Sri Sathya Sai
at Ati Rudra Mahayajna, Chennai in January 2007

Swami has expressed His liking for the Bhajan 'Ram Hare Hari Naam Bolo.' And He has repeatedly asked me to sing this Bhajan with the 'Alaap' (introduction) – “Allahu Akbar”. At this juncture it would apt for me to quote the lyrics of this 'Alaap', “Allahu Akbar… Aval Allah Noor Upaaya, Kudrat Ke Sab Bande, Ek Noor Te Sab Jag Upajiyyaara, Koun Bhale Koun Mande." This 'Alaap' clearly reflects His Message, “From the same Light we have come, from One we have become so many. So, who is good? Who is bad?"

I pray that he blesses us all with this conviction, awareness and the experience that we all are one. This is the ultimate panacea for all the problems which we are facing.

Swami is 'Hridaya Nivasi'. He knows everything. He reveals this occasionally either through a personal interaction or in the form of messages in books that we come across. One day, I was having a discussion with Krishna Das Sir, a veteran Bhajan singer. The discussion was about the rude behaviour of some people in the Ashram. The discussion came to a close with no conclusion. Rather, we were a bit mentally disturbed. I took leave of Sir, and went to the Institute to do Pradakshina (circumambulation) around Lord Ganesha. At that time, I saw the thought for the day on notice board displayed at our Institute. The message was as follows –

“Tolerate all kinds of persons, peculiarities, situations and attributes. The school, the home and the society are training grounds for your tolerance. The more you judge, the less you love."

I was speechless for a moment thinking mentally, “Swami, yet again You have shown us that You are our Indweller and you know everything." I shared this with Krishna Das sir and he was so pleased to know the Message given by Swami. Many of us would have so many similar instances of His Omnipresence. 

We are very fortunate to be with Swami. Let us make the best use of this opportunity and let us be ever grateful and contented in our hearts.

- S. Aswath Narayan
Doctoral Research Scholar
Department of Biosciences
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam


  1. Wow .. those were indeed profound teachings taught by HIM. the last experience of yours, in regard to rude behavior of people, and swami's thought for the day, was indeed an eye opening for me too. I was little upset with some of my friends attitudes and after that i happened to open this and read your experience. It was a message for not only for me , but for many other such people. Jai sai ram

    1. Being a student of swami is a big gift from swami.

  2. Very nice article!! Loved the 'alap' part. You are blessed indeed to be able to please Him with your talent. Wish I could do the same...

  3. Very Nice brother....i really liked swami's message of tolerance....very apt

  4. Sairam we have been enjoying your vedam and bhajan many a times. Now we enjoyed your article as the property of Divine Mother. Sai students are motivating instruments to others. All Sai messages are unique and convey us the needed, at all times, at all locations and at all levels of consciousness. Sairam.

  5. Anna what a profound message HE has given!! Spell bound by the love of the Divine Mother Sai.

  6. Drives lessons into my heart each time I read it! Sauram

  7. Sairam. Tears roll from my eyes whenever i read columns with students. I have to just crave for unfortunately we couldnt get these kind of expereinces. Thanks for sharking, students. It makes the entire world shedding tears for Bhagawans love.


  8. Sairam,
    Very touching to read your experiences. I am always interest to hear from Swami's students. I am agreat fan og you brother. I can't get my mind away from your "Sivashankari"

  9. Wonderful ..very happy to read , excellant description . Swami's miracles will never end
    with pranams
    Krishnan. Nigeria

  10. srinivasan
    swami is paramadayala - the ever compassionate motherever looking for change in our attitdes giving every moment of his divine love for us and for us only for the ultimate eventual merger in him.... yet as we are humans, heart bleeds and yearns for his physical compassionate form for ever
    with loving pranams to all swami's students

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Sairam Brother,
    It's very touching to read your experience with Swamy.
    With loving pranams

  13. Sairam Sir,
    Excellent to read. Remembering Coimbatore talk on 25th Dec 12.
    Yours in Saiseva

  14. Sairam Sir,
    Happy to read.Remembering Coimbatore talk on 25th DEC 12.
    Yours in Saiseva

  15. Dear Aswath,

    It is very touching to read your experience. I have been enjoying your bhajans you sing which is really touching and the tears rolls down from my eyes. Now I got the chance to read your lovely article.

    As Swamy tells, my students are my properties and GEMS of sathya sai, now I am enjoying your article as a property of our beloved Swamy. Your melodious voice is the only one voice which could please swamy.

    I am really lucky to have you as my loving brother who have pleased Swamy through your singing which he has gifted to you.

    With loving pranams

    S. Visalakshi

  16. Tnqqqqqqqqqq bro... fr this Wonderful experiences.., u shared.. Sairam !!

  17. Sairam. Thank you so much for sharing. So nice Swami has enabled you to pack so much in a blog. Very lucky to read this blog, which I visited after hearing about the wonderful Radio Sai program on 27 July 2014 from my nephew Mani Krishna where you and your brother sang. We are eagerly waiting for the recording to be released.

  18. Dear sai brother ashwath .thanx for sharing..by sharing your enriching experiences with swami you are also transforming many lives because we realise swami has given those messages not only to you..but for the entire universe through you. cant help admiring and wondering how fortunate you and other students of swami are....sai ram



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