Employee Relationship Management: Sri Sathya Sai Perspective

Educated youth should take all possible steps to establish warm relations with everyone in the workplace. To achieve this, one should have both understanding and adjustment. In their ignorance, workers are destroying public property to press for their demands. They do not understand that by indulging in such arbitrary violence, they cause more taxes to be levied on tax payers. It is the tax payers’ money which is used to provide the facilities and amenities for the citizens. The government does not have any property of its own. It gets all its resources from the public. Educated youth today should influence the workers and make them realise that their problems can be sorted out better by having an open dialogue with the management. In order to evoke trust in them (managers), they have to arouse self-assurance in the workers. This can be done if the managers act honestly with the workers and show genuine concern regarding their welfare. Managers should not behave erratically in different situations.


By their nature, the Japanese are very hard working people. When the Japanese workers want to show their dissent, they do not go about destroying public property. In fact, they produce more than their budgeted allocation, and they cover their mouth with a kerchief to indicate their displeasure and register their protest. Even a 100-year-old woman engages herself in one activity or another. The Japanese do not eat food on a day when they do not do their day’s work. They feel that they have no right to eat without doing any work.

The close relationship between workers and managers can be illustrated through an analogy of the human body as a factory. The human heart is akin to the manager and the workers are the various organs in the body. A body can function properly only when there is proper coordination between the heart and the rest of the body. It is also essential to remember that each organ has its own specialised activity which cannot be performed by another. Similarly, it is essential for everybody in the organisation or factory to remind themselves about the significance of each individual within the organisation. Educated youth should make earnest attempts to create a good work-environment. They should not interfere unnecessarily in others’ work. They should be willing to provide help to everyone, whenever and wherever solicited. By providing help thus, they will become eligible to receive God’s grace and blessings.

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