Man is a Limited Company – Part 2: Sri Sathya Sai Paradigm

Awareness is most important and we must know about every small detail minutely and properly. We imagine that just knowing something in a limited way about some phenomenon or object is Awareness. Knowing in bits and pieces, (fragmented way) is not Awareness. Awareness means knowing in entirety. Total understanding is Awareness. Therefore, every educated person must make an effort to understand things in a holistic way. Only after understanding them in a satisfactory way, we must venture to enter the world. Just because people have high academic qualifications, they should not sit in air-conditioned chambers and pass orders to everyone. They must take rounds in the factory, inspect the workers, raw materials, availability of water, electricity, etc. 

If one observes the market conditions, there is competition in all fields and as such, an attempt should be made to understand the reasons for the fierce competition. You must find out all reasons and engage in self-renewal. There may be a worker who has twenty years of work experience with a particular machine. There is no use shouting at him. He would say, “Sir!  You have come here just after your studies, but I have an experience of 20 years”. Therefore, you must understand the details of the job with the help of the worker. You have bookish (erudite) knowledge but no practical experience. All the differences come into existence because of lack of practical experience. In order to develop practical experience, you must understand the Indian way of life (Indian culture). 

We must sort out our practical knowledge. This understanding of individuality, too, should be developed. We must also understand the realities behind our motherland. We must know the right relationship between mother and motherland. 

How does one attain Divinity? First, one has to attain ‘purity’, then ‘unity’, and finally ‘Divinity’. One must first understand the quintessence of these five words and later internalise them in daily life. Only then can managers become role models. Whenever one enters a company, one must not display arrogance as a manager/executive. Though one may be designated as a manager, one must first conduct oneself as an ordinary worker in spirit. One should understand the fine details of work of all workers reporting to you in your concerned department. Then one must interact with all one’s seniors with utmost humility. If one has any differences with one’s immediate superior, one can clarify them later with him. One must not engage in heated arguments which do not yield any outcome. One cannot always oblige, but one can always speak obligingly. This is the way to cultivate humility. With such humility, anything can be achieved.

Without love, we cannot achieve anything. We must understand the essence of love. We should not strive for money alone, but we should strive for upholding values, ideals and principles. You study various academic courses in the MBA programme, but you would be expected to do something significantly different when you later begin your careers in various organisations. It may happen that you may be expected to have knowledge in areas, which you have not covered as part of your formal curriculum. The following process-sequence should take place while you are studying: from book to mind and from mind to hand. Thus, the bookish knowledge should be converted into practical actions. 

Knowledge must be converted into skill, in which case, there will be balance and when there is balance, we get lot of insights. Today knowledge is killed (meaning knowledge is not converted into skills and it remains only as mere academic information devoid of any practical application). Therefore, there is no balance. Life is based entirely on balance. If there is some disequilibrium in this balance, then our life will be thrown out of gear. Balance is required in every human pursuit, in all the activities that we may pursue such as cycling, walking, speaking or any other undertaking. While conducting business in India too, you need a lot of information. Simply obtaining information is of no use. Genuine effort should be made to use the information for transformation. That would help achieve the true purpose of information.

Great knowledgeable people of the bygone times used to lead a peaceful and simple life. You must also know about their lives, work and achievements, which is crucial in business studies. You must have a good understanding of the banking matters also. There are very frequent changes in the rules pertaining to banking. Banks are following the conditions laid down by the government through the Central Bank. Thus, there exist various strictures, shortages and challenges which hinder the growth of industries and there are insufficient incentives for them to come up. 

There is one more issue, which students should understand. In every company, there are Directors and a Managing Director and the company belongs to the shareholders. There are people who perform their jobs well in the initial years and recover their investment. Later, whatever is earned becomes profit. Therefore, the interest of the Directors in the development of the organisation decreases, which affects the profitability of the organisation and thereby the business organisations gradually go down. Students must understand these aspects clearly. Wherever they may work, they must be conscientious and possess the outlook that the factory belongs to them. They must never think that they are working only for money. Work is worship and duty is God. The attitude that ‘Education is for life, not merely for a living’ must be enshrined in students’ hearts.

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