After the Birthday Celebrations were over…

November 24, 2002 (Sunday)

Swami came to the portico where the students were seated at around 4.30 pm. Prof. Anil Kumar took the opportunity to engage Swami in a conversation.

Prof. A. K. : Swami, the sets were very good in the Convocation drama.

Swami : There was no bulb in the lamp post. (Prof. Anil Kumar nodded in appreciation for Swami’s eye for minor details.) Are the Bangalore boys happy? Yes, they are happy to go back to Brindavan. (The students came to participate in the birthday celebrations and are to return in a day or two.)

Students : No Swami! (The resounding chorus was proof enough of their desire to stay on with Swami.)

Swami : (To a teacher) Are you happy?

Teacher : I am happy, Swami. But not because I am returning to Brindavan.

Swami: : Tell yes or no?

Teacher : Swami, I am happy now.

Swami : Always be happy. (Turning to the students) You are all happy to go to Brindavan. (He said this in a teasing tone.)

Student : No, Swami. Please come to Brindavan.

Swami : Yes, I will come.

Student : Swami, when are You coming?

Swami : So many devotees are here. I will send them back and then I shall come after the Sports Meet.

Swami then went back into the interview room.

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