Oh friend! Dearest relation!... Nesthama Priyamaina Bandhamaa...

Aaa... Aaa... (Aalaap 2 times) 
Nesthama Priyamaina Bandhamaa
Premaku Roopama Maa Andari Pranamaa (2) (Music) (O Nesthama...) 
Gadiche Prathi Kshanam Neetone Gadapalani
Memu Vine Padaalanni Nee Maatale Kavaalani (2)
Maa Loni Talapulanni Neeku Vivarinchalani
Kriyalanni Karthake Ankitam Cheyyalani
Vechi Vunnamu E Rojukai (O Nesthama...) (Music)
Jeevana Venuvulo Mohana Ragam Palikinchi
Prathi Manasulo Nee Prema Sudhalu Ponginchi (2)
Anandamuto Divi Bhuvipulakinchaga (2) 
Maatalaadava... (3) 


Oh friend! Dearest relation! Embodiment of Love! You are our very life.
Let us spend every passing moment with You,
Let all the words we hear be nothing but Yours,
To narrate all our thoughts to You, To dedicate the actions to the doer,
We have been waiting for this day.
Oh friend! Dearest relation! 
Making us sing the tunes of Mohana (Krishna) through the flute of life,
Making Your nectar of Love flood in every mind,
While the heaven and earth rejoice in bliss,
Please talk to us... Oh friend! Dearest relation!

Source: Song 36, Section 6, Telugu Group Songs, Vandana: Students’ Prayer Book

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