"Who is the Best Student?"

Thursday, March 22, 2001

Swami : District Collectors from Anantapur, Chittoor and Kurnool had come. Are the boys studying? Some boys read novels. They keep the novel in between the pages and read them. When Warden comes, they close it. (To the School Hostel Warden, Sri Janardhanan)  How is your Hostel?

Sch. Wdn : Fine, Swami. 

Swami : How was the exam? (Board exam). We will come to know the results. Take more classes for English (Swami told this to the English teachers). Some boys study well, some don’t. It is because of Sangha Dosham (bad company). Tell me your company, I shall tell you what you are. Some good boys get above 80 marks. (Swami mentioned the names of two boys). They get ranks and others are cracks! (About a teacher) Their family has been with Swami for the last 30 years. All are good people. Six brothers and four sisters, two less than a dozen. One was a Collector at Tiruchirapalli, another was a lawyer at Bangalore, yet another was in bank. They resigned their jobs and settled here to be with Swami.  They said that they didn’t want this world. (After a while, talking about the new project of giving houses to poor people)  Government has given 25 acres of land near the back side gate (behind the Prasanthi Nilayam Ashram). For families who cannot take care of their children, Rs. 100,000 will be deposited in their account, and they will get Rs. 1,000 income per month. (Mentioning about a contractor, who is also a devotee) He has taken responsibility for building the houses for them. He has constructed a building free of cost for Swami. He has done with so much of gratitude. But boys don’t have gratitude. (Swami would never lose an opportunity to emphasise on the need for gratitude to His students.)

Teacher : Swami, they have, but some mistakes happen. 

Swami : Not Porapatu (mistake), Alavatu (habit). (About the devotee) He has come up with his self-effort. He said that he would build all the houses. Each house costs Rs. 50,000. Each will have a hall, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. Totally 500 houses will be built. From this district alone 800 people have applied. Selecting 500 out of them will be a tough job. (To a student) Are you studying well?  How many marks will you get? 

Student : 70%. 

Swami : Where is the balance 30%? Did you send it to your grandfather? You tell with so much of confidence that you will get 70%. (To another student) How many marks?

Student : 75 to 80 marks, Swami. 

Swami : (To another student) How many marks?

Student : Above 80 marks.

Swami : Are you a Punjabi? (Pointing to another student) He is also a Punjabi.

Swami : (To a research scholar) How are you?

Re.Sch. : By Swami’s grace, I am feeling very happy. 

Swami : Feeling! Not enjoying? (Swami saw the Warden, Dr. Siva Sankara Sai who was showing a folder) Siva Sankara Sai is a good Pativrata (an ideal and devoted person). What is it? Is it a baby monkey? From where did you get?

Warden : Swami, we got from Anantapur. 

Swami : How much? (Warden mentioned the rate) Dunnapota! (He-buffalo) (Seeing some items beside him) Who got these from the Hostel?

Warden : Some boys got.

Swami : Who is that? (Warden pointed to the student) Dancer?  He is good at dancing. 

Warden : Swami, he has finished M.Sc and M.Tech.

Swami : Send him home. (To another student) Where do you come from?

Student : Swami, Meerut.

Swami : From which standard are you studying here?

Student : Swami, from first standard.

Swami : From first till twelfth, he studied here. Good boy. He is telling with so much confidence. You go home via Rishikesh? I have stayed there and have built a Mandir. Good boy.  Be good always.

Student : Swami, Padanamaskar.

Swami : Take. After this what are you going to do?

Student : Swami, I will come here. 

Swami : What did parents tell? Go get married. Do job. You will get lot of money. Our people are doing many good jobs. 

Student : Swami, please don’t send me. I want to stay here.

Prof. A.K : Swami, he is very calm. 

Swami : How do you know him?

Prof.A.K : I see him sitting here always.

Swami : (To the student) He is keeping an eye on you.

Prof. A.K : Whether it is full moon or no moon, he is always like this. 

Swami : Who is good among all the boys?

Prof. A.K : No one best boy, but all are good.

Swami : Who are the good boys?

Prof. A.K : By Swami’s grace, all are good. Only sometimes, the mind changes, because of age.

Swami : (To the School Hostel Warden, Sri Janardhanan) Who is a good boy? (Swami mentioned a student’s name) Is he a good boy?

Sch. Wdn : Not good, Swami.

Swami : Why do you tell like that?

Sch. Wdn : His concentration is not good.

Swami : Tell me a good boy. I will give a prize to whomever you select.

Warden : Second PG and third UG, all are good boys. 

Swami : (Pointed to a student) Is he a good boy?

Warden : Good boy, Swami. 

Swami : Just good. Inside not good. Only outside good. (To the student)  Are you good?

Student : Yes, Swami.

Swami : Who is the best boy?

Warden : It is impossible for us to know. We can only say what is good outside.

Swami : (To another student) Best or not worst? (Pointing to another student) Is he the best boy or are you the best boy?

Student : All are best, Swami. 

Swami : My glasses (spectacles) are of Love. I see everything with Love. If you wear blue glasses, you see blue everywhere. If you wear bad glasses, you see bad everywhere.


  1. it is like append in front of my eyes and i experienced swamees love thanq for sharing i had a good darshan of swami he is in my heart now
    -------------------------------------------------yellapu siva sankar
    mangalapalem vill kottavalasa vizianagaram dist ap


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