"Offer Yourself to God at a Young Age"

This body is like a tender plantain leaf. It consists of four elements which are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha (righteous conduct, righteous wealth, righteous desires and liberation). The body is also made of the five delicacies of the five senses. To whom do we offer these delicacies? These have to be offered to God. At this young age, we have to offer this tender plantain leaf of the body to God. But instead of offering it to God, we offer it to the six demons of Kama, Krodha, Moha, Lobha, Mada and Matsarya (lust, anger, attachment, greed, pride and jealousy). After offering the food (our body) to these six demons (the six vices), we are offering only the residual part of the food (the body) to God. When do we do this? When we become very old? By then the plantain leaf has become dried, it is no longer tender and the demons have torn it into pieces. The bad qualities ruin the strength of the body. The thinking power, talking power, hearing power, seeing power – all of these are destroyed by the bad qualities. How can you make such a defiled offering to God? Hence, in this young age, you must offer the five delicacies (senses) on the tender plantain leaf (body) to God. We must not misuse the sound (Shabda) which emerges from us. The touch (Sparsha) is also a part of the food. Form (Roopa), Taste (Ruchi) and Smell (Gandha) are also a part of the food (body). All of these should be appropriately offered and then consumed. When you consume food, what happens? You take in the food; it gets digested and is supplied to all parts of the body. Only then is the body nourished and sustained. We must not misuse and waste the five senses.

Take another example. Body is a radio. We get news from many stations. We have to tune the radio to whichever station we want to listen to. When you tune the radio correctly, you get the correct news. If you don’t tune it properly, you get disturbing sounds which is sometimes like a nuisance. So at this stage you should recognise the truth and tune yourself to God. How do we use our mind? How do we enjoy our works? How do we use our eyesight? True education is to think of all of these and get appropriate answers. 

When you have bad looks (see wrong things) a lot of energy is wasted. When you think of bad thoughts, lot of energy is wasted. When you indulge in bad talk, a lot of energy gets wasted. Like this, you are losing a lot of strength to these five senses. Real Sadhana is to utilise these five senses properly. You may not do Japa (chanting the name of the Lord), Dhyana (meditation) or Yoga. Have control over your eyesight. Then you will be powerful. Then your energy will not be wasted. Your life will be enjoyable, healthy and happy. Use your senses well. In case you see something bad, tell yourself, “This is not required for me. Why should I see that?” Change your sight. If you do something wrong, you should tell yourself, “I should not do this. I am not an animal. I am a human being.” The six vices are animal qualities. The five values are human qualities. When you have a desire to do wrong things, tell yourself, “I am not an animal, I am a human being.” If you repeatedly remind yourself of this, you would eventually become Divine. 

You are not a tiger to frighten or a cow to get frightened. Why do you get frightened? You think about your future. But why do you think about that future which is not your own property? What is the use of thinking about the future? It is beyond your own reach. In the same way past is past, forget about the past. Present is very important. You are living in this present. When you enter an examination hall if you think about your past and future your present will get spoilt. Past is past. Past is like the dried tree, future is like the grown up tree and present is like the seed. Hence the seed is important but not the tree. You should always think about the present because it is helpful for us in sowing our seed for our future. Today’s students think about their future and spoil their present. Future is not going to stay. It is not in your hands.  Don’t think about your future. Enjoy your present. Then only will your future be happy. Keep only the present in mind. Then only will your future prosper. 

When you are studying, you study hard and concentrate on studies. At a young age if you keep on thinking about your marriage, you can’t study well. Today’s boys, while studying, think about the job they will get, the type of wife they will have and the dowry they will get during marriage. So if you think like this then when will you study and when will you get the job? Life is very important. 

There was a young boy going to attend his examination and while going on the road there was an astrologer sitting on the roadside. The boy asked the astrologer whether he will pass in the examination or not. The astrologer saw his palm and told that his education is very good, and he will get a very nice job and his earnings will be more. But the astrologer also told him that his life span was very short. The boy got depressed pondering over the futility of knowledge and wealth when the life span is short. Life is very important and you should think how to increase your life span. How can you increase your life span? You can increase your life span by performing good deeds.
Lord Rama - The Ideal for all Humanity
Today’s parents want their children to earn great education, job and salary. Every time parents want great things. You can earn greatness only if you do things in a good way. Rama and Ravana both knew 32 types of Shastras. But Ravana was considered a great person. Rama was not a great person but a good person. There is great difference between goodness and greatness. What is this greatness? To see man even in God is greatness. Ravana saw man in Rama. But what did Rama see? He saw God even in man. He saw God in everyone. If you see God in every man then only will you be known as a good person. Do good, lead a good life. Only then will you prosper in your life. All this that you have is given by your parents; therefore you need to respect your parents. That is why scriptures proclaim – Mother is God, Father is God. 

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