Divine Visit to the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School Hostel - Part 2

Sri Sathya Sai seated on School Hostel Jhoola

Continued from Part 1

Though students come from backgrounds, they should live in Love. They should help one another, without giving room for indiscipline and injustice. You should help the boys who are in pain and trouble. You can ear Divine grace only by such helping attitude. But there is nothing greater and vaster than Love. Love is so vast it can envelope the whole world. You do Bhajans and meditation, but they should be marked by Love. All these are of no use without Love. Love should flow as an undercurrent. The three rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati flow eternally in heart of Bhakti. Saraswati, (signifying wisdom) is the undercurrent that should flow silently.

You have joined here to flow like Saraswati of wisdom. You study books, earn knowledge and thus you spend time here. These are secular activities related to the world. But this is not your goal should be. You should fuse Atmic knowledge into secular knowledge. Scientific and technological knowledge, imbued with Love, changes into Bhava (feelings), and Bhava changes into Raga (affection) and Raga to Mukti (liberation). You can attain that goal through Love.

Sai stands for Love. The Sadhana performed by people in Treta Yuga was Dhyana (meditation). Why did they perform meditation? They performed it to achieve purity of the mind. People performed Yagnas and Yagas in Treta Yuga. They performed such Sadhana of worship as a form of self-surrender. But in this age of Kali, Love is the path to supreme. One can achieve magnificent status by this Love.

Of all Yugas, Kali age is most conducive to spiritual progress through Namasmarana. Purity of heart is most conducive to spiritual progress. One requires physical and economical resources to perform Yagas and Yagnas. But Namasmarana can be performed at any time even while talking or eating. It is said,

“Harernama, Harernama, Harernamaiva Kevalam
Kalaunasteva, Nasteva Gatiranyatha”
(In the age of Kali, the chanting of the name of Hari alone can bring liberation.)

There is no path greater than Namasmarana. You have sung in the song that you roamed around the world. But in fact you move from body to body, Deha to Dehi (the indweller) remains the same always. The body is made up of five elements. It is bound to disintegrate one day or the other. The indweller is the Eternal One, beyond birth and death and it cannot be bound by bonds of delusion. To tell the truth, the in-dweller is the supreme One if you ponder over the reality in your heart. Pure, steady and unsullied selfless Love is the hallmark of the indweller. It is My hope and wishes that all of you should acquire excellent education, pass in examination in high rank and emerge as ideal students. You all must stand as models to the world.

We have sent two students, Sriram and Praveen to America. (Bhagavan sent these students of His Institute to USA to learn about hospital administration.) Ram Shetty, a devotee of Swami in America, a person of utmost selflessness and charitable temperament is looking after these boys by keeping them in his own house. Puttaparthi and America are miles apart. These boys demonstrated in their institution in America about the excellence of Sathya Sai Education. Each one of them has scored 95% in the examinations held there to the utter astonishment of their teachers in America. The teachers wondered how these tender boys from India are so excellent in academics as well as devotion and dedication. 

These two boys have finished their entire course in a year’s time to the utter amazement of everybody. Earning name and fame of this kind is real Dakshina (something offered in gratitude for all the help one receives) one can offer to Me.
Swami doesn’t desire anything from you. All that He wants is good name for you. 

These boys have earned good name in America. The teachers there declared that they would be happy to have students like these two. Sow the seeds of Love and nourish them into seedlings. That indeed is true hallmark of Love. Hence cultivate that Love with all you heart. 

You may not have anything. It is enough if you have Love alone. A twelfth class student has told you just now that I have not spoken to him in past three years. He said that I did not speak to his father when he came here. Though I did not talk to him, I did what had to be done for them. I enabled his brother to get a seat in the medical college. He is studying in the second year now. Though I did not talk to them I was doing everything for them. What is the big loss they suffer if I do not talk to them? My principle is: ‘Talk Less, Work More’. Pure Love overflows, where there is purity of speech and love. Hence there is no need for me to talk. But you should make earnest and proper efforts to come close to Swami and enjoy Swami’s love and joy. What is the use of your stay here if you do not make these efforts? It is My wish that you should make these efforts? It is My wish that you should make your parents happy. I am concluding My discourse hoping and blessing that you will nourish that Love in your heart and share it with others in the world.
Sri Sathya Sai accepts Naivedyam at the
School Hostel Dining Hall

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