Sri Sathya Sai provides a 'Three Point Personal Lifestyle Charter' for a Values-Based Manager - Part 1

1. Food for Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

Right food must essentially contain ‘Satvic food’. It means that the food must not contain non-vegetarian items and onions.  Onion has some advantages for it improves your digestion power. There is a popular saying in Telugu: “Ulli Chesina Melu Thalli Kuda Cheya Ledu”: [The good done by the Ulli (onion) cannot be done by even your Thalli (mother)]. You must also take care to avoid excess of spice, chilly and salt. Many people assume that Satvic means fruits and milk. These can also be Tamasic. For example, eating two bananas is proper. If you eat four bananas, it becomes Tamasic. Do not take a cup of thick milk. Thick milk contains plenty of fat and calcium. It is also liberally laced with glucose. When the blood is saturated with too much of glucose, it turns the residual glucose into acid. The result is that you develop boils (skin eruptions). This acid and the blood combine to form stones in the gall bladder. You must also avoid taking excess quantities curds. It is better to take two cups of buttermilk. Curds have too much of protein.

Ensure that you take at least 7 to 8 glasses of water daily. Water cleanses your internal system. This also ensures that stones do not form inside your kidneys because water goes to the kidneys and constantly flushes it. Eat rice and vegetables in liberal amounts. Green leafy vegetables are the best of the lot. This is because under the skin lies a very light secondary layer. This layer protects the skin. Green leaves strengthen this layer, apart from having many other benefits. They are very good for heart patients too because green leaves are totally free of fats. 

What must you do when you have excess cholesterol? Cholesterol is essential to some extent. The limit prescribed is about 10%. But if it crosses the limit of 20% or 30%, your nerves and veins harden like rusted pipes. High levels of cholesterol make it difficult for the heart to pump the blood. The heart pumps the blood and sends it to the lungs, which purify the blood and distribute it to the entire body. When the heart pumps fewer times, more and more cholesterol accumulates there, which is dangerous for the heart. Hence, it is advisable to take a white onion (garlic) daily. These days garlic is also available in the form of pills. This can also be taken. A daily dose of one pill after lunch will keep the cholesterol problem under control. Green leafy vegetables and drumsticks are very good for the body. Drumsticks are also good for the brain. Do not take too many potatoes. Potatoes contain 80% carbohydrates. That will make you slightly fat, but contributes very little for good health. Tomatoes are also good. The seeds of the tomatoes should be removed and the tomato pulp can be used. This is because the seeds of tomato are not digested easily. They remain in the digestive canal and gradually become stones by combining with glucose. We must also ensure that intake of food should be of a limited quantity. You come quite effortlessly to eat, but when you finish eating, you require a great deal of effort to get up. You must be able to get up from your dining table after every meal with almost the same comfort as that before eating. This is the correct limit. 

Never take to meat eating, and never go in for cigarettes, other intoxicants and drugs. Habitual cigarette smokers develop cancer. You can perform this test on the smokers. Take a white cloth and put it across the mouth of a heavy smoker. Ask him to exhale through the mouth and you will notice bright red dots on the cloth. When the external cloth itself has been so noticeably spoilt, you could well imagine how much of damage the internal organs such as veins and lungs would have suffered. The two fingers that hold the cigarette together will develop a yellow pigmentation and white spots on the lips. The skin around the lips turns dark. 

Continued in Part 2...


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