Sri Sathya Sai visits Gujarat

Thursday, March 16, 1967 to Tuesday, April, 04, 1967

Swami reached Bombay by car on the 16th of March. 60 students of the Sathya Sai Veda Shastra Pathashala accompanied Swami in an omni bus. Enroute, Swami showed the boys the temple of Virupaksha at Hampi, now famous amongst Sai devotees for its association with Swami’s Leelas. The boys staged at three different public venues two musical plays written by Swami. Swami addressed a public meeting at Vallabhai Patel Stadium on the 23rd and gave away prizes to the winners of the essay writing competition from selected colleges of Bombay. Swami gave a Discourse at Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium on the 24th under the auspices of Prashanti Vidwan Maha Sabha. Swami stayed at the Modi Bunglow, Andheri during His stay in Bombay.

Sri Sathya Sai at Bhavnagar

Many industrialists, government officers, and erstwhile rulers were blessed with exclusive Darshan of Swami on 25th and 26th. Swami flew to Jamnagar on 27th March and stayed at the Amar Vilas Palace guest house. Swami inaugurated the headquarters of the Sathya Sai Seva Samiti of Jamnagar. Swami proceeded to Bhavnagar via Rajkot on 27th morning. He gave Darshan to the assembled devotees at the Western Railway Auditorium. Swami stayed in the bungalow of Abdulla Noor Mohammad at Takeheshwar. He gave Darshan to the multitudes from the roof of the bungalow. He walked among them at 5.00 pm and later addressed them. Swami laid the foundation of Sai Mandir, Bhavnagar city. Swami reached Bombay on the 29th evening and addressed the volunteers at the Modi bungalow.

Sri Sathya Sai at Dr. C.G. Patel's residence at Baroda

Swami proceeded to Navsari from Bombay on 30th March. Navsari threatened to be crushed by a stampede due to the enthusiasm of the eager devotees. Swami left shortly so that the devotees may be spared the hardship. He proceeded to Baroda via Ubel and blessed the assembled devotees with Bhajan singing for 20 minutes. In Baroda, He stayed at the bungalow  of Dr. C. G. Patel. The members of the the Sathya Sai Samiti and study circles of Jambusar had the opportunity to have audience with Swami on the 31st. On the way back to Bombay, at Navsari, Swami blessed some students of the Sericulture School at their hostel. He gave each one of them His photograph, Vibhuti and enough money for a new set of clothes.

Sri Sathya Sai at Navsari

Swami addressed a gathering at the M. E. S. College ground, Pune on 2nd April. He granted interviews to many officers of the Armed Forces on 3rd April. In His Discourse delivered at the Andhra Association premises in the evening, He disclosed “An institution will soon come up in Pune, where parents, teachers and student leaders will be trained, to guide children along the right path through the teachings of the fundamental principles of religion and morality.”

Swami left Pune on 4th April and reached Prashanti Nilayam on the 7th after a short stay at Hyderabad. He addressed the devotees on 10th April, Ugadi (Telugu New Year). Swami declared in His Discourse that His visit to Maharashtra and Sourashtra caused an unprecedented flow of spiritual delight.

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