Who belongs to you in this world?

There were once a student and a Guru who stayed in an Ashram nearby. The Guru instructed his student explaining to him every time, “Oh son! In reality there is no father, mother or brother. Be careful. Birth is misery. Life and death are misery. Be careful”. But the student always replied “Swami, these teachings are not for me. My wife and my parents are different. My parents will be waiting at the door step for my arrival. They love me so much. It is meaningless when you say that there is no father, no mother”. The Guru wanted his student to experience the reality. He therefore gave the young student a pill and instructed him to take it as soon as he reached home. The Guru told the student, “As soon as you have this pill you will fall down as if you are dead. Your body will look dead, but you will be conscious. You will be able to hear the conversation that will go around. Everyone will feel that you are dead. Then you will know the truth”. In this modern education system there are so many tests. That is why the students have so much of taste for the tests! The student took the pill and he fell down. His mother came and started crying. In the meanwhile his wife also came and started crying. She started lamenting, “I am the only daughter of my father and if this is my fate what will happen in the future”. She was thinking only of herself even when her husband had died. In the meantime the Guru came over. He asked the student’s father to bring water. The Guru acted as if he was doing some magic and after some time he said, “Anybody who drinks this water will die and the boy will become alive”. He offered the water to the wife of the dead student, but she replied saying that she was the lone daughter of her parents and if she died her parents would not able to bear the loss and would take their own lives. She also said that since her husband was already dead, there was no meaning in dying with him. Then the Guru went to the mother. The mother said, “My first daughter has come home since she is expecting a child. I also have two more daughters yet to get married. If I die, what will happen to them?” Then the Guru took the water to the student’s father. He replied that he was the most elderly person in the house and if he died there would be none to take care of the family. In this way neither the mother, nor the father, nor the wife were ready to give their own lives for the student. Finally all three of them got together and arrived at a master plan. They told, “Guruji, you are so compassionate, why don’t you drink the water and save my son. We will certainly construct a Samadhi for you”. After some time the Guru sprinkled some water on the boy’s face and he got up. He had heard what was going around, and realised the truth that his Guru wanted him to learn. 

The whole world is an illusion. No one has got to do anything with anyone. Because of this body attachment you love this body. This is also selfishness. God is the only One who is selfless. Love only God, who is selfless. Whatever good work you do, take it as God’s work. Consider everyone as the form of the Divine. It is the spark of the Divine which is present in each human being. Don’t hate anybody or criticise anybody. Don’t have too much of contact with everyone. Direct all your love to God. Love all, serve all. Have faith in all but believe only in God.

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