Rama Kodanda Rama...

Rama Kodanda Rama Rama Pattaabhi Rama
Rama Kalyaana Rama Raghavaa… (Rama Kodanda…)
Rama Neekokka Maata Rama Naakokka Moota
Rama Nee Paate Paata Rama Nee Baate Baata (Rama Kodanda…)
Rama Neekevaru Todu Rama Kreeganta Choodu
Rama Nenu Nee Vaadu Rama Naato Maataadu (Rama Kodanda…)
Rama Naamame Melu Swami Chintane Chaalu
Rama Neevu Nannelu Rama Raayade Chaalu
Rama Naamame Melu... (3 Levels) Nee Naamame Melu… (3 Levels)
Naamame Melu… (3 Levels) (Rama Kodanda…)

Rama! The One who wields the Kodanda bow; Rama! The King of Ayodhya!
O Rama! The auspicious one of the Raghu lineage!
Rama, Your one word is like a sack full of gold;
Nothing ever equals Your song and Your way;  
Rama, who is equal to You? At least, look at me from the corner of Your eye. Rama! I belong to You, please talk to me!
Your name is beneficial. It is enough to think of You. 
O Rama please be my king.
(Note: This song has been composed by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.)

Source: Song 45, Section 6, Telugu Group Songs, Vandana: Students Prayer Book

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