Trayee Sessions - Part 1

Sri Sathya Sai with Students in Trayee Brindavan at Bangalore

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Swami came at 4.16 pm. Swami spoke to a few boys in the Central Hall. Coming to the Jhoola room, Swami surveyed the entire room and asked…

Swami : Is it Venkateshwara Rao sitting here?

B. Warden : Yes, Swami.

Swami : (Coming near the Jhoola and to the Brindavan Warden) Venkateshwara Rao Garu Shastri. (Swami then sat on the Jhoola. To the students) Will any of the Telugu boys speak today? Visakhapatnam boy. 

(To a student) Will you speak in Telugu? (To another student) Do you know Telugu? (After a few moments) Dilshad Khan (referring to a teacher who then got up and came forward. To the students) His name is Dilshad Khan. (To the teacher) Do you know songs? Do you sing? 

(To the students) He knows Hindi songs. (To the teacher) You told them in your earlier speeches, isn’t it? Which song?

Teacher : Ae Malik Tere… Payoji Maine…

Swami : Payoji Maine… It’s a student song. Ram Ratan Dhan Payo…

Swami indicated him to speak. He spoke about Swami as Sadguru. He said that the word ‘Guru’ meant ‘one who removes darkness’.

Swami : Gukaro Gunateeta Rukaro Rupa Varjita (‘Gu’ stands for one beyond Gunas, attributes and ‘Ru’ stands for one beyond all forms).
Then he said that the Guru’s blessings are a great treasure. Swami jokingly asked, 
“What? Blood pressure!” He then started singing the song ‘Payoji Maine…’

Swami : Tune Bolo (Tell the tune).

The teacher began to sing. Swami corrected the word ‘Amulika’ (precious) and then sang along with the teacher, ‘Di Mere Sat Guru’. He then told the story of a girl named Manjula, who wanted Mukti (liberation) as a blessing from Swami. Swami corrected him.

Swami : Not Manjula, (her name is) Chitravati. Yamuna was the eldest daughter and Chitravati was the youngest daughter.

The teacher told the story of how Swami asked the girl what she wanted - Bhakti, Shakti, Mukti or Bhukti? The girl wanted Mukti. Swami tried to dissuade her but the girl was firm. Swami told the girl’s mother that she would be fine for a week. The family returned to Bangalore. Swami confirmed telling, “Bangalore”. The teacher said that after a week, when the School started, the girl passed away.

Swami : Eh, wrong! The girl did Puja (worship). Then folding her hands, she cried, ‘Swami, I am coming, I am coming…’ (and passed away). She was Chincholi Rani’s grand-daughter. (That family) had Shirdi Sai connection.
The teacher then narrated the story of the Kamandalu of Shirdi Baba which was in the Rani’s place. When had gone there, He told them about the Kamandalu, which even the Rani didn’t know. This was then brought to Prasanthi Nilayam.

Swami : My Tonga is also there. (Swami was indicating to the Tonga used by Shirdi Sai Baba with the Chincholi Raja.)

The teacher added that it was currently in the Chaitanya Jyoti Museum at Prasanthi Nilayam.

Swami : It is there. (Seeing another teacher) Second Dilshad Khan. (The teacher got up.) Small Dilshad Khan. (To students) He also sings. In Shankaracharya drama, he sang. (To the teacher, Dr. T. Ravi Kumar, Faculty Member, Department of Chemistry, Brindavan Campus) Isnt it?
The teacher then took Namaskar and began to speak. He mentioned about the 
1976 Summer Course. Swami said that it was held in Ooty and “Students from colleges all over the country came for it”. Dr. Ravi Kumar mentioned about the place where the Summer Course was held, namely, ‘Nandanavanam’. Swami said that it was “big area, 100 acres”. He told about a particular hill in that place. Swami added that the distance of the road on the hill was “one and a half miles”. Dr. Ravi Kumar mentioned that the bungalow in Nandanavanam had been the Governor General’s residence. Swami said, 
“Dalhousie’ Palace”. Dr. Ravi Kumar narrated narrated how Swami had created a plaque containing India’s map during the Summer Course. It contained details of what would happen in the future. Swami told him to tell, “the same evening, moon was created”. He then told how Swami created a replica of the moon on the Doddabeta peak. Swami said that its height was 8,000 ft. When the teacher spoke about the replica of the moon, Swami said, “(it had) mountains, water bodies, etc.”
He said that Swami had spoken about Lord Krishna during the Summer Course. 
Swami said, “Date and time” (of Krishna’s birth) was revealed by Swami during that Summer Course. He mentioned about the three vows of Sri Krishna in the Gita. Swami repeated the vows along with the teacher. When he mentioned that God protected anyone irrespective of one’s class, Swami asked with a surprise, “Class?”

Swami then got up and Aarti was offered at 5.10 pm. While going back, Swami spoke to Sri Gokuldas, a senior devotee from Mumbai. Swami gave Prasadam plates to the students and blessed all from the balcony on the first floor before retiring for the day.


  1. Please post more of these precious articles. Thank you

    1. Sai Ram,

      All through this summer vacation, we will be having a 6 part series of articles on Trayee Sessions.

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  2. Sairam. Thanks a million for these Trayee sessions..They make us connect to Him instantly. Sairam

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  4. Thanks.. It will be wonderful to read in detail the moon creation etc..kindly publish if possible..

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