You are the One who directs the play of the World... Jagamulanedi Naatakambunaadinthuvuga...

Jagamulanedi Naatakambunaadinthuvuga
Eruga Galare Nee Leelalu (Baba) Evarainanuga
Kaama Krodhulaku Neevu Kaanaraavuga
Paapabheeti Kaluga Bhakthula Paalintuvuga (Eruga…)
Satyavantulaku Neevu Saaya Paduduve
Andukane Ninnu Sai Baba Andure, Andukane Ninnu Satya Sai Andure
Saraguna Brocheti Parthivaasa Andure (2)
Bhakthula Brocheti Parthivaasa Andure (Jagamulanedi…)
Yogavanthulaku Neevu Eruka Vastuve, 
Donga Sanyaasulaku Doora Mauduve
Thelivileni Moodha Janula (Ninnu) Talapa Kundure (Jagamulanedi…)


You are the One who directs the play of the world. Can anyone ever fathom the mystery of Your miracle? You are the One who protects all those who fear sin. You are invisible to those who suffer from desire, anger, greed, pride and jealousy. You help those who are truthful. That is why people call You Sai Baba, Sathya Sai. You are the One who liberate those people who surrender to You. They address You as the dweller of Parthi, who rescues the devotees in danger. You reveal Yourself to those who are spiritual aspirants. You move away from pseudo renunciants. The ignorant people who do not know You do not even bother to remember You.

(Note: This song has been composed by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.)

Source: Song 14, Section 6, Telugu Group Songs, Vandana: Students’ Prayer Book

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  1. Sairams Sirs, Many thanks for arranging song. I had felt immense happiness.


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