Swami has told you so many things… Practice at least one or two…

If you really want to know about Swami and if you have really come for Swami, just follow one or two instructions which Swami has given. Swami has told you so many times not to indulge in excessive talk, bad thoughts and bad actions. But how many of you are practicing it? How then can you understand Swami? Is it right to say that you have come for Swami? You have come for one thing and you are doing something else. And this leads to a lot of suffering also. 

There was a master by name Paramanandaiya. He had some clever disciples. One day the master sent one of his disciples to his aunt’s house and asked him to get some buttermilk. The student was clever, but did not use his cleverness in a proper way. This is called ‘foolish cleverness’. The aunt used to make a living by milking a buffalo which she had. The door to the aunt’s house was very small and the buffalo had big horns. The student wondered how the buffalo could go inside. He thought that even if somehow the buffalo entered the house, it would have to be brought out once it was dead. He became curious as to how they would bring the dead buffalo out. So he approached the old aunt and asked her “Oh grandmother, it is alright as long as the buffalo gives you milk. But when its dead how will you get it outside?”  The old aunt got a broom to hit him. She said “You came for buttermilk. I am making my livelihood with this buffalo and you are talking about its death. Get out of the place.” The student had forgotten the purpose for which he had come. When you do something other than the purpose, you are dishonoured and disrespected. 

What is education? People are trying to know the subject, but do not know the object. You can have some knowledge only when you know both the subject and the object. And about every subject you should think, ‘What is the reward of studying the subject?’ Valmiki said “Whatever work you do, you must know its pros and cons”. He took the example of King Dasharatha. Dasharatha promised Kaikeyi that he would fulfill two of her wishes. But he neither specified the time nor the wishes. He said, “You can ask any thing at any time you want”. When the opportune moment arrived, Kaikeyi asked for Rama’s exile and Bharat’s coronation. Is it the mistake of Kaikeyi or Dasharatha? The mistake is that of Dasharatha. Due to the love for his wife, he promised without any intention. He could have said, “Whatever you ask for now I shall give you. Ask for it”. Or he could have said, “I am going to give this to you. Take it”. He gave his promise and ultimately lost his life.

You should achieve the true purpose of coming here. You say you have come for Swami and studies. But you are not living up to Swami’s expectations. Get a good name in one of the fields at least. Whatever you do, think that to be God’s work. Say to yourself, “This is Swami’s work.” All the actions must be offered to God and must be performed for the pleasure of God. Don’t make Swami unhappy by getting a bad name to your parents, to the Institution and yourself by not achieving anything. Swami’s commands should follow you like a shadow wherever you go. There are many good boys. But there are others who do not behave themselves when they go outside. They just eat and live. Even a washerman’s donkey eats this and that on the streets. Just living is not great. Man must live like a human being. That is real life. Otherwise life is not life. Live a good life. Give joy to your parents. Get good reputation for the Institute. Swami has told you so many things. Practice one or two.


  1. Thank you sir..Though we are sai students, many a times we forget the purpose of coming here..These DIVINE DISCOURSES work as an alarm warning us at the correct times, especially when we are away from the institute and hostel....SAI RAM

  2. A good reminder for us who r away from the institute n hostel...need to be on guard ever


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