Three Essentials of Life

Three things are pointed out to man: never believe this world, never forget God, and never be afraid of death. These three are essential. You should have complete faith in God. Do not believe this world because the world changes from moment to moment. Never forget God. Never be afraid of death. In Vedantic parlance, these are the chief principles. It is foolishness to confine Divinity to a particular place and situation. Divinity is omnipresent. There is no place without Divinity. There is no form without it. There is no material without it. It is present in both the mobile and immobile. Scientists say that everything is made up of atoms. The whole world, from the piece of wood to the speaker, is made up of atoms. Everything is a combination of atomic power. So they all call it an atom. But spiritualists call it power. They call it energy. There is difference in the name, but the form is the same. Wherever there is an atom, there is Divinity. Every atom has a definite form. There is no atom without a form. 

When there is full faith in God, we should know that God resides in our heart. God has many forms. God is cosmic with varied forms. The mountains are made up of rock, forests of trees, oceans of water, earth of mud and human body of flesh. Everything is a combination of five elements and hence everything is a manifestation of God. God is not a separate form. To demonstrate this fact to blind and ignorant people, God descends as an Avatar. 

All creatures on earth perform their own duty. Animals, birds, beasts and mosquitoes discharge their duty scrupulously. It is only man who has forgotten his responsibilities. Birds follow season and reason, but man has no season and no reason. It is for this reason that God comes down in human form to correct humanity. If an eagle comes to you and points out your faults, you will throw stones and drive it away. This is the reason why he takes human form. Scientists spent all the time in experimenting. Yet they are devoid of experience. What is it that you get out of these experiments? Yesterday’s discoveries look new today and today's will look new tomorrow. This is all that is to it. There is no use of this. The path of devotion is easier than wisdom. Wisdom is very difficult. It is not given to everybody. Direct your attention towards God. Then everything will come to you. There is no other thing beyond this devotion. With joy and ecstasy, repeat God’s name. You can then capture everything in this world. 

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