A Management Degree is for a Life, not just for a Living: Sri Sathya Sai Perspective

With the aim of getting a degree or a job, students take up an academic programme (formal study) which could be referred to as object. Object is only the responsibility, which is in the head. However, the subject should be in the heart. One should follow the heart. If students have the subject in their heart, it will stay with them lifelong. Whereas if it is in mind, it will stay only till the examination. After the examination, in a week there would be no answers remaining with the students in their memory. Of what value is this study then, if it is so impermanent? If one needs it again, one would be required to consult one’s books again. If it is imprinted in the heart, there is no need for a book and one will get the right answer. The success of a management graduate and the future executive lies in these minute things, wherein every aspect would have to be imprinted in the heart. 

Now take knowledge, or intelligence. In the common parlance, it is said that intelligence is knowledge or vice-versa. Knowledge is a part within the physical body (brain), which forms part of the nervous system, whereas the intelligence is connected with the Atman. There is a lot of difference between the two. Intelligence is not of the nature of the body or the world; it is immortal in nature. There is no forgetfulness in case of intelligence; whereas in case of knowledge, there is forgetfulness. Wakefulness and sleep do not exist for intelligence. Neither does it have a dream state. These exist only for the knowledge. Students should understand this difference clearly.

For everything, Buddhi (intelligence) exists as the charioteer. This Buddhi drives the chariot, but it is not the chariot. Just because the driver sits in the car, will he become the car? The driver is different from the car. Though one lives inside the house, one is not the house. The individual and the house are two different things. In the same way, the body is like the house and the Atman resides in it. Therefore, Atman is not the body. 

This Atman energizes everything in a human being. The Atman is the Master of the body, but not the body itself. Normally, one identifies oneself with the body. First, we have to ask or tell ourselves, “This is my body, this is my mind, this is my Buddhi but I am separate from my body, mind and Buddhi”. In this process, one must enquire “Who am I?” Only then will one realise who one is.  Now, suppose one puts the question to oneself: “Who am I?” The response could be, “I am Shrinivas.” Then the question that follows is, “Who named you Shrinivas?” Your parents christened you on the twelfth day as: Shrinivas, Rama, Krishna or Govind. What about the first twelve days before the names have been given to the new born babies? There was no name for the first twelve days. Therefore, there is neither birth nor death for the Atman. All these perspectives have to be probed well. There would be a significant growth in the intelligence of students provided they are prepared in this way in a logical manner. 

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