When little Sathya stopped the rainfall at the age of 13...

Friday, March 10, 1939

When Sathya was 13 years old, He displayed a miracle, and stopped imminent rainfall. Smt. Venkamma, Sathya’s elder sister, had piled bricks in the kiln for baking. Suddenly, the sky was overcast and threatened to pour down. Venkamma was fearstricken as the rain would ruin the kiln and reduce the bricks to a mass of clay. She ran to Karnatanagepalli (the neighbouring village on the other side of the river Chitravati) along with a few others to fetch dry sugarcane leaves to cover the bricks. Sathya too ran behind them. He stopped halfway,lifted His tiny right palm skywards and said, “Venkamma! Vaana Raadu” (Venkamma, There shall be no rain). There was none. He had willed the clouds away.


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