“How is Your Ganapati?”

September 19, 1991

This morning, Swami had been to the Primary School. In the evening, Swami entered the Bhajan Hall and asked the boys, “How is your Ganapati?” The boys took the hint and at once started asking Swami to come to the hostel. But Swami avoided the matter and started speaking to the boys about how devotedly the students of Primary school had arranged a small programme that morning. Swami also called the Vice Chancellor of His Institute - Prof. Sampath and kept asking him to narrate events in between.

Swami :  When I went there, six speakers were ready to speak - five boys and one girl spontaneously and without hesitation. Small children have pure hearts that is why they can speak like that. In fact, none of them prepared in advance. It was all spontaneous. Actually I had gone up the hill and then on the way went to the school. It was an unexpected visit for them, but they did it so well. Even the food is so excellent. Col. Joga Rao was actually hesitating to eat because he was not well. But once the boys there started to persuade him to take a small spoonful, he had it. It tasted so well.  There were five to six items. (Narrating about the topics on which the boys and the girls spoke in the Primary School) One of the speakers expressed her thoughts about the love of Yashoda and Krishna and how she knew where Krishna was by following the footprints of butter. She then told that however and wherever they may be, they would never leave Swami. Then one of the boys spoke how all the students are like different rivers that all seek to merge in the ocean. See! With what confidence they spoke. When the programme was going on, one of the fans became loose and fell down. The children shouted “Sai Ram” and the fan landed gently like an airplane away from the children. Swami took care of everything. See their devotion! That is why I saved them. Otherwise, a rotating fan can cut- off heads. (Speaking about how the airport was taking shape to become one of the most famous ones in the region and about how matters were being settled at fast yet neat manner). The Air-Chief Marshall has signed the order that authorizes the airport to receive commercial flights. It has been inspected thoroughly. The radio room, terminal, everything will be much bigger and better. We can operate flights from October 10th itself. The flights will be on the Bangalore – Puttaparthi - Hyderabad – Madras line. Our runway will be 400 meters longer than that of the Bangalore airport runway and will handle Boeings and Airbuses as well as important airports.  Though our airport will offer one of the best facilities, we shall collect no ground fees from the airlines that operate their flights. Ours is the only private airport in the whole country! (….Talking about how people try to deceive God…) You cannot cover My eyes. I am Sahasraksha Purusha - the One with a thousand eyes. I know everything. You can hide nothing from Me. You cannot deceive Me or fool Me.

Then Swami paused and the boys repeated their requests to come to the hostel. He then said, “What is there in the hostel? There is only Mrinmaya Ganapati (Ganapati made of mud) but, this is Chinmaya Ganapati (pointing to Himself). I am within you, around you, in front of you, behind you, above you and below you.”

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