“There is nothing in this world worth listening…”

January 13, 1998 

After giving Padanamaskar to all students… 

Swami : The hearts of small children are very pure. Dekho, Woh 5 year old student (See that five year old student) - he has got two sweets, he gave one back because the next student did not get one. Big students fill up all pockets! (Pointing to a teacher) See, he is also a five-year-old student. What is your age? 

Teacher : I could not hear what you told, Swami. 

Swami : Haan, five year old boy Ko Sunayee Nahin Deta (A five year old boy cannot hear?). There is nothing in this world worth listening. Can you listen to Bhajans? 

Teacher : Yes. 

Swami : That is enough. Where do you come from? 

Teacher : Madhya Pradesh. 

Swami : See, so you are able to listen. 

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