When Sri Sathya Sai inaugurated a new building for His School

Thursday, August 16, 1984

Bhagavan inaugurated the two storied building of the Zilla Parishad High School at Bukkapatnam on 16th August 1984. This was the same school in which Bhagavan began His educational career at the age of 9. Bhagavan cut the ribbon and went around the building. Two Muslim residents of Bukkapatnam hailed Bhagavan as the Avatar of the age. Sri I. Narashima Rao, I.A.S., Collector of Anantapur, presided over the meeting. The Zilla Parishad President, Sri. Reddappa Reddi, expressed gratitude on behalf of the people of Bukkapatnam for the beautiful High School building provided by Bhagavan. Some of the other speakers pleaded with Bhagavan to raise the school to the college level.

Bhagavan in His Discourse to the mammoth gathering said,
“My connection with this School began 50 years ago. I find that Bukkapatnam remains the same as it was half a century ago. There is absence of unity among the people of Bukkapatnam. This is the greatest defect. Anything can be achieved by unity. If you all want to start a college here, make your own efforts and let the college function independently. But what Bukkapatnam needs is unity and harmony among people.”

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