God is Beyond All Limitations – By Nishant Verma

Start the day with love,
Fill the day with Love,
Spend the day with Love,
And end the day with love,
This is the way to God.
- Sri Sathya Sai

This means every moment of our life should be filled with love. That is the only way we can reach God. Swami says, “My life is My message” and Swami’s message is Love. Swami wants His students to be filled with love, so that Swami can say, “My students’ life is My message.” Swami says, “Love all, Serve all; Help ever, Hurt never.” All the Vedas and Puranas are epitomised in these two sentences.

Swami says,
“You worship any God, be it Rama or Krishna, Jesus or Allah, but follow His teachings.” He tells all not to blindly accept Him as God. “First test Me and then believe.” Here, I would like to mention a personal experience about how our family became devotees of Swami.

When I was in the third standard, my parents and I went to South India for a trip. One of my aunts had told my mother about Sri Sathya Sai Baba who was in Puttaparthi. We decided to go there. We sat in the
Darshan lines and got the first token. One person who was sitting next to us in the first line told us that as soon Swami comes near, we should take Padanamaskar. When Swami came near, we did the same. We stayed at Prasanthi Nilayam for two days and then went to Bangalore from where we continued our trip. We were to go to Mysore the next day. Suddenly, my mother experienced severe pain in her stomach. We decided to take her to a hospital, but no vehicle was available anywhere. The pain was unbearable for my mother. My father then prayed, “Swami, if you are really God, then help us and cure her.” Immediately my father saw an auto rickshaw coming in our direction. The auto driver asked us where we wanted to go. We said we were new to that place and wanted to take my mother to a doctor. The auto driver said that he knew a clinic. He then drove through the lanes, streets for 45 minutes and stopped near a clinic. But that clinic was closed. He then drove further and took us to another clinic, which was fortunately open. There, a doctor treated my mother and gave some medicines due to which pain subdued. After travelling in that auto rickshaw for 4-5 hours we finally reached our hostel.

My father was very sure that the rickshaw driver would ask at least Rs.500. When we asked him how much to pay, he surprisingly said that he did not want anything, as he was happy that his sister was all right. Then after some time he told my father to give him Rs.20 and the banana in my mother’s hand. We gave it to him. Then he started to reverse the rickshaw and he disappeared. It was then we realized that it was none other than Swami, who had come to our rescue. This incident formed a bridge between Swami and us. After we came back to our house, a number of miracles started taking place in our house.
Vibhuti and Amrit started flowing out of Swami’s photos. We began to have regular Bhajans in our house. Also, my mother became a Balvikas Guru and I began attending Balvikas classes.

Whenever Swami tells us something in our dreams, it comes true. This I experienced in my fourth standard. After my final examinations, the night before I got my results, Swami came in my mother’s dream. She also saw the prize distribution ceremony in which the first three prizes were given but I was not among the students to receive the prizes. Then Swami told my mother not to worry because I had secured the fourth rank. True to His word, when I went to get my result, I had stood fourth in the class. After my eighth standard examinations, my father had a dream in which Swami told him that I had done my Maths examination very badly and that Swami would take care. When the results came out I found that I had just passed in the Maths exam.

On January 7, 2001, Swami graciously consented us to give us an interview. In the interview room, my father asked Swami about the dream. Swami said that it was He who made me pass in that examination. That was the best day in my life. But, I was a bit afraid of Swami and so was standing a bit far away from Him. Swami saw this and pulled me towards Him saying, “Why are you afraid boy?” My face touched Swami’s hair and Swami kept His right hand on my shoulder. Then my father asked Swami for admission in this school in the eleventh standard. Swami asked me whether I was interested and I replied affirmative. Then Swami told me to apply to the eleventh standard. He enquired about my mother’s health and materialised Vibhuti and gave it to her.

Even though I did not get very good marks in my pre-final examination, I had full faith in Swami’s word and so I applied, After doing the entrance test and interview well, I finally got elected in this institution.

Swami loves His students more than anything else. He always showers His grace on them. We, being the instruments of His mission, should try to emulate Bhagavan and try to imbibe His teachings. Swami also has incarnated on this Earth, to disclose the ultimate secret to all of us, that Man is God. Let us all make efforts to realise this truth so that we can also become Divine.

- Nishant Verma
Student (2005-10), Department of Management Studies
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Currently, Senior Financial Analyst, Accenture

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