The ‘Moon’ Miracle

Friday, December 12, 1975

Swami performed another fantastic Moon-Leela at Brindavan on this day. Swami in the middle of His conversation with the College students asked them in a joyful mood, “Ask anything you want”. That day was a full moon day. A daring student requested, “Swami, please bring down that Moon from the sky for us”. 

“Very well”, said Swami looking at the sky. The next moment there glowed in His hands a wondrous ball, shedding cool moonlight all around. “Look up”, said the Lord. The surprising sight that the students saw in the skies! The original Moon was shorn of its lustre and looked pale as a piece of paper. Swami closed His hands over the ‘Earthly Moon’. At once the anaemic Moon above regained its regal splendour. As Swami opened His hands once again the sky Moon became lack-lustre. On His closing the hands, once again the effulgence of the moon spread above in the sky.


  1. i had a little strange moment while i was medtating , Lord Rama showed him self to me but he had only one thing in his hand , a huge conts . i did not ask anything , but a little amazing have i been after that . maybe Lord comes with an answer some day .i belive we should not ask wrong questions from the Lord , he will show grace when it is needed . or what do you think ? Sai Ram t Lauri ps every one all around the world and universum , let us pray for Prema and Santosha, and we will get it


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